Friday, May 16, 2008

5 Simple Pleasures

I got tagged! And I think this is the perfect thing for me right now. Thanks Jessica!

1) Bouncing on our patio chairs in the evening while I watch Addison search for ants.

2) Reading on a blanket on the lawn/Bart reading to me on a blanket on the lawn.

3) Finding baby socks in my pockets at work.

4) Addison calling out "Mama!" when she wakes up in the morning and wants me to get her up.

5) The smell of the wet fields when I go jogging after it reminds me of jogging in Austria at the foot of the Alps...It sounds weird, but it's freaking AWESOME!!!

5) Bart letting me put my cold feet on him when I get into bed at night.

5) Bart pushing the snooze button, then turning around to snuggle until the alarm goes off again.

Okay, so I have some extra fives in there, but believe me there could be a TON more.

I tag Christa, Tabitha, and Amy. What are 5 of your simple pleasures?

1 comment:

The Jones Family said...

CUTE! I love the sock in the pockets! ...I developed a love for running last year (well, I think I appreciate it more now than ever)...but because I was so sick in the first trimester, I had to hoo, now I just dream of running! so weird.