Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

_MG_9163 copy

This year was the first time in a long time that we have actually been home for Easter!  It was really laid back and nice.

Church was wonderful and refreshing.  There's a beautiful video going around the internet about the Savior and what he did for us.  If you haven't seen it you can check it out here.  Lately I've been feeling especially grateful that because of him I will one day be able to see my loved ones who have passed away.

The Easter Bunny came, but the kids got to the baskets way before Bart and I woke up, so we only got post-Easter-morning-craziness pictures.

_MG_9156 copy

_MG_9157 copy

_MG_9159 copy

Then the kids demanded that we dye eggs.  The only places with decent light in my house are carpeted, and I wasn't about to risk dying eggs over carpet, so we had less-than-ideal lighting as we died, but there was a lot of greater-than-ideal fun that was had.  ;)

_MG_9175 copy

After this picture, I told Maya she didn't have to look at the camera and smile every time I was taking a picture...

_MG_9178 copy

So this is what she did instead...

_MG_9182 copy

Hannah Eggs

_MG_9191 copy

And below on the right is what Lilly did when I asked if I could get a picture of her.
 Lilly Eggs

Then we tried to get fancy and do some two-toned eggs.
_MG_9207 copy

But seconds after I took that picture I was reminded  why I refuse to dye eggs over carpet as Addison accidentally elbowed the red dye, causing it to spill all over my counter (for the record, it's not such a great idea to dye eggs on a wood counter top either.  We now have a slight, but permanent reminder of the fun we had tattooed in the heart of our kitchen). 

The kids were pretty much done at that point anyway.  But Addison did insist we go out and get a picture of the eggs in a basket with the chocolate bunnies, so I obliged.

_MG_9264 copy

One of my good friends from high school came over for dinner, and that is how we ended the day. 

I did post a few pictures of the girls in their Easter Dresses on my business blog, but I thought I'd post one here too.

 _MG_9225-Edit copy

And this one on my Facebook page is my favorite.  I seriously love my kids.  :)  Happy Easter Everyone!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Bye Bye Beard

As Promised, here are some of the Bye Bye Beard Pictures.  Top left is what we started with, and bottom right is Bart pondering whether it was a good idea to shave after all.  ;)
Untitled-1 copy
Some of Bart's students literally didn't recognize him the Monday he went back to school.  He saw a track kid in the hall and waved, but only got a confused look in return.  When he saw him at track that afternoon, the kid came up to him and said, "I saw you wave, but I didn't recognize you!"  LOL!

Also, another student who was most vocal about disliking the beard and asked daily when he was going to "shave that thing off,"  took one glance at his clean shaven face and said, "Grow it back out.  Now."

He was happy to get it off before track season really got into full swing...I imagine beard tans would be very difficult to get rid of, but these are two of the four little girls who watched in horror as their dad shaved off the beard they had grown to love:

Untitled-1 copy

"Beard Kisses" at bed time had become something the girls really looked forward to.  That night, after I gave her a kiss, Maya excitedly started to say, "Beard...." and then dejectedly finished, " more beard kisses."

Don't worry girls, dad has promised the beard will return next Movember.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Smile - I Heart Faces

Well, Sunday morning Bart officially shaved off his beard...but not before we had a little fun.  This was the last of a series of photos we took before he became completely clean shaven.  (Don't worry, I'll be posting more soon..they're totally worth the wait). 

_MG_6902-Edit copy

And because he is a trooper pretty much the most amazing husband ever, he's letting me enter it in the I Heart Faces monthly photo challenge.  The theme is smile.  You can check out more smiles on the I Heart Faces web page (click the image below)...but I suspect none of them will be quite like this one.  ;)

 I Heart Faces

Saturday, March 01, 2014

As Promised

_MG_6063 copy

The second we got home from Parent Teacher Conferences, Addison asked if we could set off her volcano.  Unfortunately for her, the sink had dishes in it, so I told her we couldn't do it until the dishes were out of the sink.  Over the next few days there managed to be dishes in the sink non stop.  Addison kept asking and I kept telling her not while there were dishes in the sink.

Finally (a few days later) we actually had room in the dishwasher for every single dish, so I got them all out of the sink, and then with a completely empty sink in front of me I felt inspired to clean it.  No sooner had I finished polishing the last water spot off the faucet than Addison was at my side saying, "YAY! Now can we set off my Volcano???

_MG_6035 copy

So, the girls gathered around and Addison FINALLY got to set off her volcano.

Untitled-1 copy

And then I made her do it a few more times. It's still just as exciting as when I did it in elementary school.  Does watching baking soda and vinegar erupt from a volcano ever get old???

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Student Led Parent Teacher Conferences

_MG_5905 copy

Did you ever have back to school night?  Do you remember how incredibly excited you were whenever back to school night rolled around?  Your WHOLE family got to come to your school and see what you were doing.  I can't be the only one out there who felt this way as a kid.  Back to School Nights were  seriously the highlight of my elementary school years.  I STILL remember (with fondness bordering on giddiness) guiding my parents around my classroom, showing them all the cool stuff I was working on, and just beaming with pride as my teacher told my parents what a great student I was.

Well, around here they call them Student-Led Parent Teacher Conferences, but it's still just as exciting.  Addison got to show us all sorts of stuff she was working on.

_MG_5912 copy

The night of parent teacher conference, which also happened to be the 100th day of school, Addison's teacher had the students write 100 words.  If they completed all 100 words, their paper got cut into these curly cues and hung from the ceiling.
Untitled-1 copy
The kids have been learning about volcanoes, and got to "make" one in class. 

_MG_5900 copy

The highlight of the evening was watching it erupt.
_MG_5917 copy

I missed the first eruption and asked Addison to put in some more baking soda.  Addison looked questioningly at her teacher who gave her the go ahead (apparently they were only supposed to do it one time).  As Bart was helping her put the funnel in, part of the volcano broke off.  I gasped and held my breath waiting for Addison to start crying (she does that from time to time when something she's worked hard on breaks...and she had been telling me about this volcano for days), but she didn't, she just once again looked at her teacher, who said, "Don't worry, that's fine, it's just the demo one."  Then she was fine.  I was pretty impressed, I thought for sure there would be tears.

_MG_5923 copy
It wasn't until I asked if Addison needed to get her volcano from the bucket to take home that I realized, it wasn't her volcano that broke at all, it was the Demo volcano for everyone to use!  The lack of tears made sense, but I felt even worse!   We had broken the volcano everyone else would be using that night. Oops!

Fortunately Addison's teacher really didn't mind.  She is such a wonderful teacher, I'm so glad Addison is in her class.

_MG_5925 copy

Before we left Addison's teacher asked her what the molten rock was called when it was inside the volcano.
Addison excitedly replied, "Magma!"

"And what is it called outside of the volcano?"

And with that Addison earned the right to take home her own "Lava" so that she could make her volcano erupt at home.

More on that in the next blog post...