Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Day of School (For Addison)

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So our elementary school started today.  (For everyone but the Kindergartners, so Hannah starts next week).  That means it was Addison's first day of Second grade.

Her sisters will miss her a lot.
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We got there early so that we could take a picture with her teacher and at her desk.

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We dropped off her backpack and lunch and headed back out to the front hall where all the kids were congregating, waiting for the bell to ring.  The administration had set up a photo booth where you could dress up and take pictures, so we had some fun with that.

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It was raining, so they laid out the red carpet inside instead of outside like last year.

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And just like last year, teachers lined up along the red carpet and welcomed the kids back.  It was pretty chaotic because it was inside, but the kids were all pretty excited.

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And when she came home, she was just as excited about school as when she left.  That's always a good sign.  :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Go Dodgers!

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As I've mentioned before, when I was a kid my dad took us to Dodger games all the time.  Now, if there's a game when we're down visiting (and in the summer more often than not there is) he takes my kids.  Looking through these pictures made me feel so nostalgic!  They may be pictures of my kids, but I swear, 20 years ago, we could have taken some very similar pictures with me and my siblings.  :)

The night that we had tickets was bobble head night...and we actually got there on time, so now we have four Tommy Lasorda bobble heads.  On a semi-related note, when I was in Junior High, Tommy Lasorda brought the Dodgers to our school.  One of our friends even got Mike Piazza to kiss her on the cheek.  Coolest thing EVER!  :)

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I wish I could say that in that picture Addison is really excited about the game.  But no.  She was excited because a beach ball was coming toward us.

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Rebecca Francis_107 copy

I don't really have the right to give her a hard time though because, as a kid, I remember paying more attention to the beach balls and where the wave was  than to the game.  And yes, they still do the wave...this may still be my favorite part of any sporting event.  ;)

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We always got Dodger Dogs for dinner when we went to the games, but those didn't fly so well with Addison and Hannah, so they got these GIANT pizzas instead.

_MG_1957 copy

There are a lot of new concessions though.

_MG_2029 copy

_MG_1964 copy

 Dippin dots???  Really?  It's like an amusement park.
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When we went as kids, there were only nuts and that ice cream that comes in a cup with a wooden spoon that would give your tongue splinters if you weren't careful.

The nuts guy was my favorite though.  He would yell, "Nuts! Nuts!" and if you wanted some, you'd raise your hand and he'd throw the nuts to you (no matter how far away you were) and get them to you EVERY TIME!  It was pretty impressive!  My dad told me he's still there working in the section we used to sit in.  I seriously considered heading up there just to see him do it again!

My mom got on TV when she and her friend wore these Dodger snuggies a few games ago, so my girls were obsessed at figuring out where the cameras were and trying to get up on the big screen. 

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It didn't work out so well for them.  Maybe next time.

They did enjoy singing, "Take me out to the Ball Game" in the middle of the 7th inning though.
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Hannah didn't do much singing...It's a lot harder to sing when you can't read the words on the screen.  I am going to have to teach her the words before we go next year.
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Confession: for a long time (much longer than I'm willing to admit) I thought the actual words were "Root Root Root for the Dodgers," and I remember feeling sorry for the fans of other teams because the song was made for the Dodgers.  :)

And at that point the children were really wanting to go home, so our game ended there.  But the Dodgers ended up winning, so it was a good night!   :)

Saturday, August 09, 2014

California Vacation (Sans Dad).

In June Bart took a group of kids/young adults to France and Spain on a study abroad.  Since I couldn't go, I decided to take the kids down to California while he was gone. 

I wasn't brave enough to make the whole 10 hour drive alone with four kids in 1 day, so we stayed at a hotel in Mesquite. 

The kids thought it was the coolest thing EVER!  (You'd think they had never been in a hotel room before)!  I guess there was just something special about it being just us girls.  :)

_MG_1778 copy

_MG_1756 copy

The day before I had taught the Activity Days girls some origami.  Since the activity had been at our house, Addison attended even though she's not eight yet.  So she was SUPER into origami for most of our trip.  :)

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The rest of the kids were just super into drawing.  :)

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_MG_1808 copy

 After we went out for some dinner at Subway, I let the girls watch the Disney Channel for a little bit before bed time.

_MG_1832 copy

Splitting the drive into two days actually made it a very pleasant trip.  I think I might try and talk Bart into doing it the next time we go down.  :)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fishing at Lake Oowah

After the hike the kids all went down for naps, and when they woke up we headed out to the La Sal mountains to go fishing in Lake Oowah.

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We didn't have any Dramamine and it was a pretty windy road, so we were very worried the kids would get carsick.  We didn't let them watch a movie, and told them to look out the windows for animals.  Fortunately for them (and us) there were lots of cows on the side of the road.  Every time we turned a corner and saw another group of cows, the kids would yell, "Cow!"  It worked!  Nobody got carsick!

_MG_1183 copy

The kids were sooooooo excited to go fishing.  All the adults were laughing a little bit inside.  I doubt that when kids think of fishing they think of just sitting around for hours waiting for something to tug on your hook.  We all wondered how well they would do.

But we got to the lake, pulled out the chairs, and all settled in.

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Maya felt very little need to even lift her fishing pole.  Bart and I had to keep reminding her not to let the pole touch the water.

_MG_1227 copy

Lilly followed suit.

 _MG_1241 copy

Addison commandeered a chair for herself.

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But I'm not sure that anyone was more excited to fish than this guy.

_MG_1272 copy

He was seriously looking forward to it so much.  He kept telling me how excited he was to take the kids fishing, it was adorable!  I love that man!

 _MG_1213 copy

And his eagerness paid off.  He was the first to catch a fish.  True it (and all the other fish that were caught) was tiny, but it was a fish none the less. 

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That made the twins perk up a bit.

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Not too long after, Charles and Andy caught a fish.

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At that point Lilly claimed a red chair for herself.  As she settled in and started playing with the reel, she let out a content sigh and said, "I love fishing so much."

_MG_1322 copy

_MG_1329 copy

Then, approximately 10 seconds (like seriously, I don't even think it was 20 seconds) after she said that, she hopped up out of her chair and cheerfully said, "I'm done."  Crazy kid.

Maya was done as well, and went to join her.

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Poor Addison wanted to catch a fish so badly.  She moved to Lilly's chair which was closer to where Bart had caught his fish.  I think she would have stayed there all night if we had let her.  But I could tell the twins and Hannah were ready to be done, so I told her we wouldn't be staying much longer and that sometimes when you go fishing, you just don't catch fish, and that's okay.  It's the experience that's the fun part.  (I don't think my argument was very convincing).

_MG_1342 copy

But, on our way to the car, the girls caught a butterfly with a hurt wing.  So that kind of made up for not catching a fish.

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Next time, though, I think we'll take two cars and let Addison and Bart stay and fish to their heart's content. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hiking in Moab

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So this past weekend we headed to Moab to visit Bart's family.  Bart and I have been to Moab in late May for the Art's Festival before, but this is the first time (in a long time at least) that we came down with no particular event/activity in mind.

I suppose that's not entirely true.  His Brother Jacob just got his mission call to Bolivia, and was ordained an elder and went through the temple on Saturday, so we technically went down for that.  But we went down early so we had a couple days to just do whatever we wanted.

We decided to go on a hike and go fishing.  For the hike we went to Moonflower Canyon and it was such a perfect hike for kids...well...minus the poison ivy.  It's short, not strenuous at all, and dead ends into this little pond type thing that was perfect for exploring.

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Addison was very intent on documenting our adventures in her sketchbook.

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Untitled-1 acopy

And Bart (and his brothers) spent a lot of their time chasing lizards and looking for antlions. (I included that link because the first time Bart told me about them, I didn't think there was such a thing...apparently I was very wrong).

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Someone was playing some sort of recorder and then horn for almost the entire time we were on the hike.  It made the little canyon echo, and gave the whole hike a very surreal feeling. 

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Hannah proved to be quite the little trail blazer, and was always up at the front of the line of hikers.  Bart commented that she was just like him when he was her age, so I thought it was cute...that was until her dad had to help her navigate around poison-ivy-infested rocks. 

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Charles probably won some best uncle votes while showing the kids all sorts of different insects/animals.

_MG_0926 copy

_MG_0937 copy

_MG_0990 copy

_MG_0970 copy

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And giving the kids drinks from the Camelbak.  (Lilly later told me that was her favorite part of the trip).

_MG_1097 copy

_MG_1097 copy

Lilly discovered a newly hatched dragon fly that hadn't even completely stretched it's wings.

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_MG_1071 copy

_MG_1072 copy

Ben just wanted to play in the water. 

_MG_0993 copy

The boys (and Addison and Hannah) liked climbing on the rocks.
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And then we were on our way back.
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After the hike we went to check out the petroglyphs.

_MG_1152 copy

There is also a log ladder that goes up this narrow gap in the rocks.  But none of us braved the climb.  That may have been partially because someone was up there the whole time we were there and the kids were ready to go.

Untitled-6 copy

This is seriously like one of only three hikes I've been on in Moab.  Ten years of marriage and we've only been on three Moab hikes!  Part of the problem is that Bart doesn't like doing any of the touristy hikes.  But still...three hikes?  That's pathetic.  I'm determined to make sure there are more Moab hikes in our next 10 years.