Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Beach

Okay, so seriously, if I'm EVER going to catch up on my blog I'm going to have to get moving. So I apologize for the few words and thrown together collages. But here goes.

Once upon a time we went to the beach and stayed on Fashion Island. The mall is awesome, go there.
Beach - Fashion Island

The actual beach we went to was Corona Del Mar. There were lots of people there that day.
Beach - Everyone

Bart left early to take the twins and Hannah back to the hotel, so it was mostly me and Addison all day. We didn't mind. :)
Beach Addison Water

Beach - Addison Bucket

Beach Boogie Boarding

We went and got Bart and headed towards the Fun zone...but stopped on the way at this restaurant to eat.
Beach - Balboa Harborside Restaurant

The Fun Zone :) Hannah got to ride a merry-go-round for the first time.
Beach - Balboa Fun Zone

And then we went to the candy store where we bought a million pounds of saltwater taffy. (I think my kids were trembling with excitement when they walked into the store).
Beach - Balboa Candy Store

Then we had to go home. It was sad.
Beach - Balboa Going Home
The end.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Maya has started giving kisses. This is how my Maya kisses.

Maya Kisses

I think I'm in love.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons Header 2

Addison and Hannah took swimming lessons this summer. The place they took it at guarantees kids over the age of three who take the classes will be water safe at the end of it. In other words, it's a no nonsense class.

And it was really funny seeing my kids' personalities shine through during the lessons. On the first day, as we waited for the kids before us to end their class, Addison watched somewhat nervously. Hannah just kind of sat there calmly taking in the scene. I think both weren't quite sure how to feel. They both love the water, but I think they could sense that this wouldn't be an average playing in the pool sort of thing.

Swimming Lessons Waiting

They both had wonderful teachers. Addison's teacher was actually the little sister of a guy I dated in college. I didn't even recognize her until she told me hi and asked how I was doing! Apparently people change a lot in nine years or so, especially when nine years ago you were in elementary school. :) Both teachers did a great job, and the girls loved them!

Swimming Teachers

If I could use one word to describe Addison at swim lessons, I'd have a hard time choosing between staller and negotiator.

Swimming Addison

This girl seriously had both down to an art. She'd sit or stand at the side of the pool while her teacher would try and get her into the water. She'd ask how many more of...whatever it was that they were doing...they were going to do. If she didn't like the answer, she'd try and negotiate. "How about only two more submarines instead of three, and then we play walking along the pool?"

By the way, "Walking along the Pool." Is a game where she and her teacher get out of the pool and walk hand in hand while the teacher sings, "Walking along, walking along, walking along the pool...oh no, you slip on a wet noodle and fall in." (or some other scenario where she could fall, unaided, into the pool and would need to get to the side without help). Then she'd throw Addison into the pool and Addison would turn and swim back to the wall and climb out.

Honestly, I thought she would HATE doing it, but she LOVED it. She was always trying to talk her teacher into playing it instead of working some other undesirable swimming skill. My Addison the little negotiator/staller.

Addison Swim Lessons

As for Hannah, I know exactly the word I would use to describe her at swimming lessons...and swimming in general. FEARLESS. Which is great...except she really CANNOT swim. The guarantee was only for ages three and up, and she was a very young two. Did that keep her from jumping in and giving it her all? Nope.

These next pictures are TERRIBLE, but they illustrate my point.

Swimmings Lessons Hannah Fearless

Yep, that's her teacher holding her hand on the side of the pool, and her jumping in with NOBODY in the pool to catch her. The idea was that she'd learn to turn toward the side where she came from and grab onto the wall. She never quite perfected this. Her teacher always had to kind of grab her head and guide her to the side, but let me tell you, next year when she takes lessons again, I'm willing to bet she'll be swimming in no time.

Swimming Hannah

But for now, holy cow is she scary around the water! I'll be in the pool with both her and Addison and she'll jump in to me and kick her heart out (whether I'm looking or not). I'll always count to five before grabbing her and pulling her up for air (yes, it doesn't bother her that she's kicking under water without anyone holding on to her) and when I do, she turns around and tries to push off of me to swim back to the step/side. I think she sees her sister do it and doesn't believe/understand that she can't do it yet. My silly, little, fearless Hannah.

As for Addison...Yep, she's water safe. And let me tell you, that is a load off of my mind, especially when we're at grandma's house with that wonderful pool in the back yard.

Swimming Lessons Header

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

When I was growing up my dad got Dodger tickets through his work. I believe the general idea was that they would have them in case they needed to entertain clients. Most of the time, he just took us...although I do have a very distinct memory of my dad taking me, my one-year-old sister, AND a client. (He was a brave man).

That memory also has a lot of my one-year-old sister saying words like dude, totally, rad, and awesome. The client was impressed. That's what happens when there's 11 years between your oldest and youngest. I shouldn't have this problem as there is only four years between my oldest and youngest. :)

Anyway, back to the point of this post. My dad still gets the tickets, and we happened to be there for one of the games, so he took us. Yeah, he's great. And, his seats now are much closer to the field than they were when I was young...dude, it was like, totally rad awesomeness. ;)

Dodger Game Baseball

As you can see in the bottom two pictures of this next group, everyone was very into the game.

Dodger Game Family

Especially Addison

Dodger Game Misc

She wasn't at all more into ice cream, or dancing around or the monkey grandpa got her.

Dodger Game Addison Monkey

Nope, she was 100% into the game. As it should be.

Dodger Game Addison Ice Cream

Thanks for the totally rad, awesome game dad! :)

Hannah Turns Two...a little late

So last night I went up to bed thoroughly satisfied with myself. I had actually blogged about Addison's birthday ON her birthday and gotten it all over with. I was so proud of myself for being on top of things (ignoring of course the myriad of summer posts I still plan on doing). Then, I realized that I never blogged about Hannah's birthday. So much for being on top of things.

Well, here are the pictures from Hannah's Birthday...a little late.

Hannah Birthday

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I didn't make a cake for Hannah. The evening of her birthday we headed to Moab and they had made a cake for her there. I was still planning on making a cake for her, but man, things were hard. The babies still weren't really on a sleeping schedule and definitely not sleeping through the night. I was completely exhausted all of the time. A few days slipped by without making the cake, then a week, and all of the sudden a summer. Sigh. Things are better now. I'm only completely exhausted most of the time and the twins actually have a nap schedule. :)

Poor Hannah's been pretty gyped when it comes to birthday cakes. Last year I was pregnant with the twins and SOOOOOOOOOOO utterly and completely tired it was all I could do to stay awake while the girls were awake. And maybe make dinner...if they were lucky. Te he he. So I just slathered some store bought frosting on some cupcakes from a box and let her play with it. Then this year I just let someone else deal with it. Hannah, next year I'm going to make you an awesome cake! I promise!

Although I didn't get around to making my poor second daughter a cake this year, I did manage to take some two year old portraits of her.

Hannah Birthday Shoot

So there you go. My sweet little Hannah at age two. I didn't do a questionnaire with her, and I'm not sure she'd understand half of the questions...although that probably would have made for some entertaining answers. I'll start that next year for her. :)

Hannah, even though I didn't make you a cake, I still love you more than you can comprehend!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Addison is how old?!?!

Addy Birthday
FIVE!!! That's right ladies and gents, the age of my oldest is ALL of the fingers on ONE WHOLE HAND!!! I can't believe it. And much her chagrin (and mine), she missed the Utah kindergarten cutoff date this year by six days. SIX DAYS! And let me tell you, they don't make ANY exceptions. Believe me, I called just about every one humanly district, state school board, elected officials, etc. Such a bummer. Oh well, that just means my baby will get to be home with me for another year. YAY! :)

I made cupcakes for Addison's preschool class. The birthday girl wanted lady buys, so lady bugs she got.

Addy Birthday - Cake
She told me later she thought the eyes were creepy. Well I'm sorry, the twins only sleep for so long, and I couldn't figure out how to make little dots with the frosting without making those little curly things. Yeah, they are a little creepy, but they still taste good. :)

She also enjoyed opening presents.
Addison Birthday Opening Presents

This year dad won the prize for messiest we're-going-to-throw-these-away-as-soon-as-we-get-the-chance present with his washable colored turns out they're not so washable. But the girls loved them.

Addy Birthday - Colored Bubbles

I just wish I had gotten pictures of Hannah's feet. Unbelievable. Fortunately it didn't come off on the carpet when she came inside.

So, I've seen other people do little birthday questionnaires on their blogs for their kids and I thought it would be fun to start doing one for each of the kids too, so here goes:

Addison's Favorites

Color: Blue
TV Show: Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Animal: Girl Panda (one of her presents was PJs with panda bears on them...her 2nd favorite animal is a giraffe)
Holiday: Christmas
Song: Teach Me To Walk in the Light
Restaurant: The one with the drum by Nyla’s house
Food: Spaghetti
Dessert: Chocolate Stuff
Candy: Chocolate Things
Temple: Provo
Thing to do: Crafts
Movie: Bolt
Place to Go: The Playground
Book: All Books
Scripture Story: The ones that Jesus wrote
Thing Mom Does With You: Cook
Thing Dad Does with you: Draw with Me
Place I want to Visit: Disney World
When I grow up I want to be: An Astronaut

Happy Birthday Addison! You are loved more than you know!