Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Petting Zoo!

We got to go to the petting zoo with Sam, Janae and their kids this weekend. It was a blast. Addison got to ride a horse for the first time...I said horse, not pony. This thing was HUGE! I seriously think I could have ridden it. I thought she'd be terrified and that I'd have to walk beside her the whole time...nope. My little girl's so brave!

We saw some crazy animals including a chicken that, I SWEAR, had a perm...but for some reason Bart didn't get pictures of here are some pictures did get:
She looks very happy for being in jail.

I should have stood next to her so you could get an idea of the scale of this horse. He was like twice as tall as me...okay, I may be exaggerating, but I was scared for her, and she wasn't fazed one bit!Creepy turkey.Now, as I was uploading our pictures from the camera to the computer, Addison saw this one and said, "Awwww, so cute." ... I'm taking her in to be psychologically evaluated as soon as possible.

Four Months Old!

Holy Cow! Is my baby REALLY 4 months old already?!? I seriously can't believe it!Here is what she did this month:
Started fussing solely for attention
Rolled over from her back to her tummy for the first time Done a lot of rolling...and body contorting since.Began grabbing and holding things & began putting things in her mouth...lucky me.
Began giving raspberries, and blowing bubbles with spit in general...okay, so that technically was after she turned 4 months old, but only by like a day, and this was such a cute picture, I had to include it. Continued to love playing with her sister. Even when she was just the foundation for her cup buildings. Grew out of a lot of her clothes...including this used to go to her ankles. Continued to try and tell daddy it's not fun to snuggle with him in the evenings...he's scratchy...honey, mom's been telling him this since the day they were married. You're going to have to get used to it.We Love you Hannah!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our Weekend

Yeah, this post is from a while ago and apparently I never published it...but I have many more things to post about now, so I'm not going to update the text.

So last Monday (not yesterday) Bart came up to me and said, "Rebecca, let's do Family Home Evening on Friday this week." Naturally, I asked, "Why?" His response, "Because I want to teach Addison about Lehi and how he had to leave all his possessions and go into the wilderness with his family and live in a tent. Then I want to set up our tent so we can sleep in it just like Lehi." AWESOME!

So Friday night all four of us crammed into our 2 person tent...which, by the way, I got my first birthday after we were married, and we just BARELY used it for the first time here...WE outgrew our tent before we were able to use it. Hannah lasted for a few hours and then she & I went into the house. Bart & Addison lasted the whole night though, and Addison can't stop talking about sleeping in the "Nent." We're going to have to get a bigger tent.

We also went to the first BYU football game...the best thing about the game was that we got to wear our BYU gear. Don't my girls look cute. That's all I have to say about that.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This is one of the most impressive things I've seen in a long time. The Dance is about addiction. The look on his face is haunting, and the look on her face is heart wrenching!

This was one of a few dances we saw a while ago on So You Think You Can Dance that convinced Bart that coreographers truly are artists. I'm going to have to agree. This was so powerful it brought tears to my eyes.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Her Most Impressive Work Yet

Are all parents as obsessed about their kids art work as I am about Addison's? I seriously am absolutely fascinated by it. I think she does some of the coolest stuff. Maybe it's because I'm married to an art teacher. Maybe it's because I have always wanted to be an artists, but lack the talent, so I secretly hope that my children will create work that will one day change the world because I'm pretty sure I never will.

Whatever the reason, I think the picture she brought home from preschool the other day is her most impressive work yet. I apologize in advance for the cheap paper that you can see through, and the crumpledness...I like making up words...Addison has a habit of crumpling or rolling her pictures after she's done with them (and sometimes gets VERY mad at me when I won't let her throw them away). It HORRIFIES ME!!!

Anyway, she brought this home from preschool a few weeks ago. Robyn told me that she drew a picture of me. I thought, "Oh, cute, I look like a pumpkin." And hung it up on my fridge so I could bask in my pumpkin glory.
A few days later Addison noticed the picture hanging on the fridge and said, "Mom, that's the picture I drew of you. I said, "Yes it is, where is my head?" She said, "On the other side." I was a little confused and said, "What?" She said, "You're on the other side." Other side?!? I should have known. Very rarely does my little girl consider a work finished until she had drawn on both sides. I flipped it over and saw this.Wow, much more impressive. I can see my head, two arms, and some things that are probably either ears or hair. I also noticed some "H"s. Addison loves drawing "H"s because, in her words, "H is for Hannah." So I pointed to the letter and said, "And what letter is this?" She responded, "H. I drew 'H's in your tummy because H is for Hannah and Hannah was in your tummy." I just stood there with my mouth open!!! Are two-year-olds supposed to be able to do this type of thing?!? I am seriously so impressed. So now, as much as I loved the pumpkin me, this side of the paper is my favorite. My little girl is so smart!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Three Years Old

I can't believe it, but my little girl is three!!!

In past years, we have celebrated with a cake and family over. But this year, ever since Bart's birthday, Addison has been asking when her birthday is...or more accurately IF it was her birthday.

After my birthday, when we told her that her birthday was next, she started pointing at things in the store saying, "I want that for my Birthday party." And that is why we finally broke down and threw Addison a party.

It had a duck theme and...well, here are the pictures.
She had a good time helping decorate the back wall.We invited her friends Sarah, Abbey, and Nicole. I made little duck costumes for all the girls...I forgot to get a picture of the feet, but there were feet too.We played musical lilly pads, colored ducks, read duck stories, and had "duck food" aka chex mix. Addison loved that. She asked if we could bring duck food to church today.
We were going to play duck duck goose, but the girls were getting very interested in Addison's toys and not so interested in doing structured things, so I just let play what they wanted for a while.I had a good time making the cake...te he he. I actually used my sister's fondant recipe and it was yummy! Normally fondant is NASTY, but she said her recipe tasted good, so I thought I'd try was awesome! Thanks Lisa! I think my favorite part of the whole party was when everyone sang Addison Happy Birthday. She had sung it to other people a lot in the past few months, and she was SOOOOOOOOO excited to finally have it sung to her. After she blew out her candles (yes, all by herself) she said to everyone, "Thank you so much for singing me happy Birthday!" It was ADORABLE!!!
I think everyone had a good time. After each friend left, she would say, "Oh mommy, I miss her so much!" It was really cute.
We had the party on Saturday, but her birthday was actually today, so we saved the family gifts until today. Bart got her a book called "Little Who" about an owl. She absolutely loves it! It's about an owl who wants to go to bed, but his parents won't let him because Owls are supposed to stay up late...It's really cute.

And as I mentioned in this post we have been saving up empty food boxes, bottles, and cans, and we turned the bunk bed room upstairs into her grocery store. (We did buy a check out register and some fruits and veggies at the store, but other than that it was all what we, and others, had saved! She was thrilled! She wanted people to play "packing" with her all day. We're going to have to get some of her friends over....we're already a little tired of playing it. Overall, I think it was a great birthday for my big little girl. :o)

Three Months Old

This month Hannah:
Chatted up a storm...whether or not she thought someone was listening.
Turned her head to the right so much her head started getting flat!
Laughed for the first time...for DAD, not mom
Continued to laugh...a lot.
Slept for at leas 7 hours at night in, I can't think of a time that she didn't.
Discovered her hands and started examining them very closely.
Rolled over from her stomach to her back for the first time...for DAD, not mom AGAIN!
I also took some pictures of her in her blessing dress...these are my favorite: