Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Way I View - Sweetness & Love

As I mentioned last month. I've joined 11 other photographers and committed to take a picture each month depicting a theme.  February's theme was "sweetness & love".

Having twins is very a lot of ways really, but lately I've felt concerned about making sure I get enough one on one time with each of them.  Maya actually makes it pretty easy for me to get alone time with her.  She wakes up from naps nearly forty-five minutes before Lilly almost every day.  Most of the time we head downstairs and start getting lunch or dinner ready, but one time this month I decided to just play with her on our bed.

We were interrupted briefly by a phone call, after which Maya demanded the phone.  When my attempts to distract her with something else failed, I finally just gave up and gave her the phone.  Then I just sat back and watched her discover, what to her, was this amazing new thing.  The buttons, the beeping, the lines and dots, the funny noise it made after a while until mom pushed one of the big buttons.  There's something so endearing about watching a baby explore something you take for granted every day. 
Blog - Maya Phone
Having little ones can definitely be challenging at times, but I have to admit, I'm going to be very sad when there are no more babies in our house.

Now head on over to Leslie's blog to see her interpretation of the theme.


Lori said...

Oh so sweet.

Lori said...

Oh so sweet.

photomomma said...

such a Doll

Angela Weil said...

Aww! Those little leg warmers warm my heart! Love those shots.