Sunday, March 04, 2012

Anything She Wanted

Hannah Glasses 2

Seriously, this kid marches to the beat of her own little drum.  On Saturday Addison went to a princess party.  She had been talking about it for days (ever since she received the invitation).  

Thursday night we went through our closets and chose a princess dress for Addison to wear to the party...along with a bow and shoes (yes, she is very much a girly girl).  Of course she had to try everything on to make sure it was perfect, which meant Hannah also needed a dress to try on.  And for the rest of the week the girls were running around in their princess dresses talking about the party.

This actually made me a little nervous.  Hannah wasn't invited to the party, but she was just as excited as Addison.  I finally decided I would take her out on a little Hannah mommy date after I dropped off Addison.

So, the morning of the party, I dressed the two girls in their princess dresses and explained to Hannah that she hadn't been invited to the party, but we were going to drop Addison off, and then mommy would take her somewhere to get a special treat.  I had a friend watch the twins (Bart was out of town at the NAEA conference) and headed off to the party.  We dropped Addison off and I took Hannah to Macey's.

For those of you not from Utah, Macey's is a local grocery store.  Our Macey's just happens to have a little soft serve ice cream counter, and a bulk candy section.  As we were walking in from the parking lot I told Hannah she could have anything she wanted in the store, ice cream, candy...whatever she wanted, she could get.  I imagined this would be any two-year-old's dream, and her reaction confirmed my thoughts.  Her eyes lit up as she said, "Okay!" and quickened her step.

She walked in the door and right up to one of the giant car shopping know, the ones EVERYONE dreads.  Parents hate them because their kids are always asking for them and they're insanely hard to maneuver.  And everyone else in the store hates them because people using them are either blocking the way or bumping into other people because they're so dang hard to maneuver!

I told Hannah we didn't need a shopping cart.  We were just going to go in and get her a little treat.  She insisted on getting one, and after some arguing, I finally told her she couldn't have a treat if she didn't leave the shopping cart.  (Yeah, I really won't be winning mom of the year any time soon).  She sadly left the cart behind and I led her to the bulk candy isle.

I knelt down so I was eye to eye will my melancholy little two-year-old and explained to her that she could have anything she wanted, any of this candy, or ice cream at the ice cream counter (that we could see from the candy isle)...anything in the whole store.  Her eyes lit up and she asked, "Anything?!?!"  This was more like how I envisioned our little outing.  I smiled and said, "Yes, anything."  She took off running back toward the grocery carts.  I ran after her.  She reached her beloved car cart and said, "I want this."

Seriously, I just laughed.  I picked her up, put her in the driver seat, and pushed her around the store.  And you know what, she was as happy as could be.

My silly little Hannah. Not a day goes by that you don't make me laugh.
Hannah Glasses

Hannah Glasses 3

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