Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Moab Open House

Last Friday, when we got to Moab, everyone was setting up for the reception the next day. We got in late, so I had to stay at the house so we could put Addison to bed and Bart went and helped. This is what he found:
Oh McKenna, we admire your ability to fall asleep ANYWHERE!!! You too Sarah... :o)
You really can't blame her though, she was running a 5 mile race in the morning and I think they didn't get out of there until like midnight.
Speaking of the 5 mile race:
Here's a picture of Jacob (in the red shirt behind blue-shirt man) coming to the finish line in an absurdly short amount of time. I remember thinking, that's embarrassingly close to my 5K time. Yes, he did win his age group.
Here's Holly running the white shirt...yes, that is Holly as in the bride who will be having her open house that evening.Bart wasn't as faithful a cameraman as he ought to have been and missed Sarah & Geneava while he was talking to a friend.

Then we had the half-marathoners.

Charles:Sam (yes, as in groom Sam... a five mile I might have been able to do before my open house, but a half marathon? No way!):Addison:Okay, just kidding, Addison didn't run the half least not officially. But the way she was running around the stage behind the band she very well may have covered that distance.

And here are some more pictures of the morning's festivities.

Addison & McKenna dancing.McKenna sliding down the slide with uncle Leonard.Charles holding his adorable new baby, Andy.Addison coloring.The cute bride and groom resting after their races....ah, I'm getting warm and fuzzies all over! :) And now onto the Open House:

Sam decided he wanted a Fiesta theme. Freaking awesome. That meant:

Ridiculous butioneers (Okay so only Bart & Jacob had these, but they were awesome)!Chips, Salsa, Bean dip, Tres Leches Cake, etc.A Pinata:You go Girl! Show that Pinata who's boss!!!Lots of candy for the kiddies.And future cavities from sugar over load.Overall, it was a great time! Way to go Sam for coming up with the fiesta theme!

Friday, March 20, 2009

What would you do?

So, I am at work right now, and I am soaked. I accidentally knocked over my nearly full 32 oz Nalgene bottle which spilled all over my desk and my pants.

My first concern was for the water on my desk. I jumped up, and mopped up the mess with tissues from a tissue box I acquired while I had my terrible cold earlier this year. My tissue box is now empty, but I saved my laptop, mouse and keyboard.

After making sure no damage was done, my attention turned to myself. Yeah, it TOTALLY looks like I peed my pants....maybe not totally since I don't know how my peeing my pants could reach my outer thighs, but it's enough to raise an eyebrow. I slipped out to the bathroom and managed to only run into my boss on the way, who had a good laugh at the situation and said that this was the exact reason his wife is not allowed to use water bottles when she's pregnant. I was able to get some of the water out of my pants, but it's still pretty noticeable. I couldn't believe I missed my belly entirely until I looked down and noticed that half of my white shirt was soaked as well. You just can’t tell. Of course today I choose to wear the shirt that will least show spilt water.

So now I am sitting at my desk, still feeling quite wet, with only 20 min until I go home. I figure I'm pretty safe because my desk gets very little traffic, and if anyone does come I can just stay seated with my lap out of view beneath my desk...But I REALLY want to go home.

I am frequently able to make it from my desk to my car without anyone seeing me, but in 20 min many people will be going to lunch and my risk of running into someone increases significantly. In addition, the someones I usually run into are high level people that know who I am, but don't really know me. It would be slightly awkward to explain what happened if I see them looking at my “accident”, but if I don't, I know every time they see me they'll remember and wonder what happened. (Te he he, I know, a bit arrogant of me to think I would take up so much of their pondering time, but still!)

AND it’s Friday, so I want to leave and I’m having a hard time concentrating on things as it is (which you have probably guessed considering I am at work and posting this)!

So, here's my question for you all. What would you do? Would you just slip out now or wait another...15 min so you could get paid for that last 15 min you were here?

Update: I stayed the last 15 min. By then my pants were dry enough for it to not be too terribly noticeable. I did run into more people than I ever have before though...oh the irony. I just made sure to make and keep eye contact with a pleasant question or comment on the weather outside...they never even had a chance to look down. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sam & Holly's Wedding

On Friday, March 13, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. Bart's brother Sam, and his beautiful wife Holly were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple.
Bart got to be one of the witnesses, so that was a neat experience for him. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Sam & Holly were able to hold up a little better than Bart & I did (we were both bawling when we got married...especially Bart...te he he). It was the first wedding in the family since Zeke died, so it was a little bitter sweet, but I think we all know he was there in the temple with us. Sam & Holly were soooo cute! Sam was just grinning from ear to ear all day. It made me so happy to see him so happy. He & Holly are just so in love and it was so wonderful to see them take this important step together. We're so excited to have Holly in our family.
Addison & McKenna had a good time playing in the sunshine while we were waiting for the bride and groom to come out of the temple.
Isn't this dress SOOOOOOOO cute! Bart & I got sucked into baby gap and some $50+ later we came out with this outfit. We just couldn't resist. And we had the wedding as an excuse. Fortunately spending that much on one outfit is not something we normally do.
Here is the happy couple coming out of the temple.
I love this picture of Sam & Maralee.
Addison was happy for her uncle too.I just love seeing them together. They are so happy you seriously couldn't help but be happy too! It was contagious!
Addison and McKenna were playing in one of the little alcoves, we caught this picture of them hugging.
Maralee, Sam & Holly....the smile on Sam's face I think perfectly expresses his radiance all day long. We love you Sam!!!Our Little Family.Maralee & the kids.
The three oldest boys. We have so many pictures of Bart, Charles, and Sam from when they were little, It's fun to have one now that they're all married...and there's that enthusiastic smile again! :o) It was such a wonderful day. Sam & Holly, we are SOOOOOO happy for you two!


Okay, I realized I'm SUPER behind in posting, so I'm gong to attempt to get caught up so I can focus on Sam & Holly's fiesta this weekend (they got married last weekend, but I will do that in another post) and then the remodel.
The first weekend of the month, we went up to Moab for Sarah's Jr. Prom. Apparently Jr. Prom is the big thing in their town, not the senior prom. And let me tell you, it was pretty much the coolest thing EVER!!!

All the parents and students get together and decorate the gym the week before the prom. This year's theme was something like the seven wonders of the world, so they had decorations like the great wall of china, the pyramids, the aurora borealis, the Eiffel tower, etc (I know, some of those aren't the 7 wonders, but they made for some cool decorations). It seriously looked amazing. I tried to get pictures of the decorations, but none of them really turned out. Here are a few to attempt to give you an idea of what it was like.
This is where the promenaders came out onto the dance floor.
The aurora borealis.The Great Wall of China.
Sarah looked absolutely beautiful as you can see. :o) And what a cute date too.
We had been telling Addison all day that we were going to a dance, and let me tell you, she was SOOOOOOOOO excited. When we got there (about half an hour early to get seats), though, everyone was sitting in the bleachers waiting for the Promenade to begin. Addison was very distressed that nobody was dancing. So she went out on the dance floor and began dancing herself. It was SOOOOO cute! She was seriously the pre-show entertainment. Tons of people were taking pictures of her. Pretty soon several other little kids joined her and they were having their own little dance. It was dang cute.The Prom is begun with family and friends coming to watch the Juniors "Promenade." Each pair of juniors dances (and not just regular teenage dancing, an actual choreographed ballroom type dance) out to the middle of the gym where they are introduced to the audience by the MC. Once all the juniors have been introduced, they all come out on the floor and do the big choreographed "Promenade" together.
If you're thinking, "Wait, I swear she's not dancing with same boy as the one Rebecca said was her date." You're right. Apparently picking your promenade partner usually happens WAY before your junior year, and a lot of times isn't who you go to prom with. If you're thinking this is weird, I did too, until I heard the explanation. The promenade is for Juniors ONLY. You can take someone from any grade to prom, but the promenade is to showcase the juniors, so often your partner is different than your prom date. Makes sense.Bart's cousin Levi was elected Prom King. In my school the prom king and queen was mostly a popularity contest, but in Moab they vote based on who did the most to help set up the gym for the promenade. Isn't that cool!?! From what I hear, Levi being king was well deserved. He was ALWAYS at that gym setting up. Way to go Levi!
After the promenade, they have a parent dance, where the parent dances with his or her Junior. This is why we came down. Bart got to dance with Sarah for this dance. It was really special. Addison got jealous when she saw her dad dancing with someone else, and ended up joining them. Aunt Debbie & Levi:
They had a few family dances after that, then the parents and family members were invited to leave so that the Juniors could continue their prom.
Sarah and Leonard dancing.Geneava & Jacob dancing.Addison & Grandma dancing. Back home our dances were nothing like this, so it was really fun to be part of it. Thanks Sarah for letting us come down and be part of your Prom!