Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Africa, Memorial Day, and the Baby Slug

Okay, so this weekend was a ton of fun. I took Friday off and had a 4 day weekend. On Friday we went up to watch Mountain View's soccer team play in the state tournament. They lost, but it was a close game. Addison wasn't very happy the entire time. Both times we've taken her to sporting events, she's been fussier than she has ever been before!!! I think it's just bad timing on our parts. We always go when she should be napping, and at the soccer game, we put her in this little front carrier, and when Bart was strapping it up, it caught her arm and pinched it, so she started off very unhappy. Oh well, maybe next time will be better.

Afterward we went to Barnes & Noble to get Bart a new book to read. While we were there we got a call from my family. My brother had gotten his mission call. Bart & I had been speculating about where he might go all week. The only thing that we could agree on was that he wouldn't be going to Africa. Yeah. He's going to The Nairobi Kenya Mission.

When he read the call, I totally thought he was joking. Bart & I are going to Nairobi for our African Safari next summer!!! SOOOOO crazy!!!

For memorial day Charles, Heather, and Same came up and spent the night. We went hiking up Diamond Fork Canyon on Memorial day. We wanted to go to fifth water hot springs, but we couldn't find any parking, so we went up a trail a little further up the canyon.

It was the first time we had taken Addison hiking with us. It was a lot of fun. At first Addison...and probably mom more so...weren't very happy because we kept going off the trail, and while Dad had Addison on his back he kept trying to go through bushes and branches that would hit her in the face! I finally made Bart give her to me to carry on my back and I think everyone was a lot more happy. Bart could go explore with his brothers, Addison didn't get anymore branches in her face, and I didn't have to stress about the branches in Addison's face. ;o)

Overall it was a lot of fun. I was disappointed that we didn't get to go to the hot springs, but we can do that some other time.

Addison has become an expert scooter. She can get to anywhere she wants to. She's starting to get the hang of crawling too, although you can tell it takes her a lot more concentration, so she gets impatient a lot of times, and just goes back to scooting.

It was really funny though...usually when she wakes up from her morning nap, she'll play in her crib for a while. Well earlier this week I heard her playing in her crib, just as happy as could be. All of the sudden she started whining a lot. I went upstairs to see what was wrong. She had some feety pajamas on and somehow had managed to get both legs into one of the legs on her pajamas. It was so funny! She looked like this little slug! I wanted to run and grab the camera to take a picture, but I couldn't stand the "Mom! Help me! Something's wrong!" look she was giving me, so I picked her up and fixed her pajamas. It was pretty stinking funny though.

Well, that's all for now! Until next time! Au revoir.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Teething Sucks

Yeah, so when Addison's bottom two teeth came in, it wasn't really that bad. Other than wanting to be held a little more and whining a little more, her behavior wasn't all that unusual. That has NOT been the case with the top two teeth!!! Oh my gosh! My wonderful, cheerful, well-behaved baby has turned into a little whiner!!! It's driving me crazy! And I feel bad because I know she is just hurting, so I shouldn't let it drive me crazy, but man, at the end of the day, I am EXHAUSTED!!!

And it doesn't help that she is only sleeping for 2 hour blocks at night too! She'll wake up and she won't really cry, but she will whine FOREVER unless I go in there and nurse her for a little bit. When I give her Tylenol before bed she'll sleep for about 4 hours, but other than that it's two. Aren't I lucky!

Other than that things are going really well. She has started to put one knee in front of the other one, and then one hand in front of the other one, and then she'll fall down. I keep bringing toys she wants to her because I want to keep her from crawling as long as possible. As soon as she crawls, I'm going to have to keep a much closer eye on her.

She is also SOOOOOOO squirmy now!!! It's hard to hold her because she's always trying to get away from you!!! Today I actually had quite the scare. I set her up on her changing table (which is also her dresser) and I bent down to get some clothes for her out of a drawer, and she fell head first into my arms. Luckly I caught her, but it scared me to death!!!

She loves exploring new objects...and by exploring I mean putting them in her mouth. We're always having to vacuum the front room now. The other day I set her on the ground, and her diaper wipe bucket was next to her. I swear I couldn't have been looking away for more than a 30 seconds, and when I looked back she had figured out how to open it and was sitting in a field of diaper wipes.

We've also taught her to say "Bye bye." If you say "bye bye" while opening and closing your hands, she'll start opening and closing her hands. It's sooooooooo cute!!!

Well, for the most part, that's it for us. Bart is really excited for the end of school. He can't believe it's only in two weeks!

We both signed up to run in a 5k on June 2. I'm excited. It should be a lot of fun, and I hear they raffle away a ton of prizes. :o)

Well, I better get going. TTFN

Friday, May 04, 2007

Mama, Fish Face, and Pearly Whites

FINALLY!!! Yesterday in a fit of whining came the long anticipated word... "Mama." Even though she was whining when she said it, it was the most wonderful thing I have ever heard! Today Bart even heard it. YAY! My baby has finally said mama!

She's also making the cutest fish face these days! She sucks in her cheeks and...well...makes a fish face! It's so cute! And she said mama!

Her two bottom front teeth are really coming up now too. They aren't all the way up, but the whole tooth has broken through the gum. And did I mention She said mama?

Well, that's all for now...did I mention she said "Mama?"