Friday, October 29, 2010

More to come

Okay, there's still more, but it's getting to be the time when I should start getting ready, so I'll have to post it later. Hopefully I'll be able to get everything done before I have a new onslaught of holiday posts.

Viewer Discretion is Advised

This is what happens when you've been morning sick/throwing up for so long that your minds starts to not function properly and someone gives you scotch tape.

Alright, alright, alright, I've done this before when I wasn't pregnant. But man, doing it with kids is so much more fun. In case you didn't get a good look...

Hannah didn't really get it...

Addison Totally did...

:o) Good times!

Bart Turns 30

Haha! 30! It's great to have a husband who is older than you. Especially when you're the one who makes the cakes. He's never going to get me a cake like this when I finally turn 6 or 7 years from now.

Yep, that's a lot of candles isn't it.

It's a good thing Addison was helping or I don't know if he could have blown all those candles out in one try. Man, he's old! Te he he, I love you babe.

Bart's family was actually able to come down to celebrate, so I arranged to have a surprise party for him. He knew his mom would be in town, so we told him she woudl watch the kids while we went on a date. When we came home, the house was decorated and all his siblings were there to surprise him for his big 3-0. He was totally shocked. It was AWESOME!!!


This year we also got to go to Maui with my family. Soooo much fun!

Mostly we just hung around the pool and beach. Hannah fell asleep in a beach chair and took a super long nap. It was AWESOME!

My parents, Stacy, and Eric got to go parasailing. They said this was a no no for pregnant ladies, so Lisa and I had to stay home, and our husbands graciously bowed out to be with us. Sweet boys.

We visited the legondary banyan tree.

And we went jet retrospect, something that may not have been the best idea while pregnant. But it was still fun, despite someone, who shall remain nameless, running into us. ;o)

It was a great trip.

Aspen Grove

We got to go to Aspen Grove with my parents this year. It was AWESOME! Time for a plug. To all you parents out there. Aspen Grove is the BEST VACATION EVER!!! They have camp councilors for literally every age group (literally, 6 weeks old and up), and you send your kids off, meet them for meals (which someone else cooks), and then send them off again until the evening. You TRULY get a vacation. No cooking, tending kids, cleaning...okay, there isn't a maid service, you do need to keep your room a little tidy, but that's way easy since your kids are gone all day! When I told Bart about Aspen Grove, he was a skeptic. By the end of the week, he was calling his family telling them that we should save up and do it! It is seriously awesome. I absolutely loved it as a kid, and now I'm not sure what's better. Going there as a kid, or going there as a parent. If you're thinking that might be nice, JUST DO IT! IT'S WORTH IT!

To me, this is what Aspen Grove is all about....Aspen Follies!

It's basically a ton of different obstacle course type things that you get to do with your family/group. SOOOOOOO much fun. That lame explanation really doesn't do it justice. Hopefully the pictures will give you a little bit of a better idea of it's awesomeness.

One of the first things we did while we were there was paint ball! I have been wanting to go paintballing FOREVER, but whenever I got the opportunity, something always came up and I couldn't. But I finally got to go! It was way fun, even with the ghetto coarse.

As soon as I told Bart Aspen Grove had a pond that kids could go fishing in, the only thing he wanted to do was take Addison fishing. I didn't know how it would pan out. Fishing generally takes a lot of patience...something 3 year olds aren't really known for. But they checked out their pole and bate, and headed down to the pond.

I figured I had better take some pictures quickly, while Addison was still in a good mood. I sure am glad I did because I swear, within 2 minutes, they had caught a fish! I couldn't believe it! (Neither could the people on the other side of the pond who looked like they had been there a while). As you can see, Addison was a little nervous around the fish once it was out of the water. It was a great daddy-daughter bonding experience though. Addison even tried the fish when they cooked it for her the next day. She wasn't a big fan, but I was proud of her for trying.

On Wednesdays the counselors actually take the kids for the whole day (lunch and all) to give people the opportunity to hike Mt. Timpanogos. Unfortunately, when we went this year, the Timp trail hadn't opened yet. So Bart, My dad, My sister and I hiked to Stewart Falls instead. It was a beautiful hike, and I hear it's even prettier in the fall when all the colors are changing.

Addison was a Stomper this year. I nearly cried when she got up on the first night and joined with her little co-campers to sing, "Super stompers, super stompers, stomp stomp stomp!" Hey! I was pregnant and emotional and my kid was experiencing something I remember my little brother and sisters experiencing. I found it touching.

By far, her favorite thing to do was swim.

The best part for me this year was that I didn't have to deal with food. I was so morning sick, it was so nice to just walk into a dining hall, grab whatever I thought I could keep down, eat, and then leave. No gross fridge smells. No cleanup or dishes in the sink smelling. No cooking smells. Nothing. Just come, eat, leave. I was able to keep almost everything down that week. It was WONDERFUL!

The saddest part of the whole vacation was the last day. Addison had been telling me all week how she and her friends were being cows and singing for the final night of skits. She was sooooo excited. After we came home from dinner, Addison felt sick. Sure enough, within an hour she was throwing up, so we tucked our sick little girl into bed and opened our window to listen to the skits (our room was right by the amphitheater). Suddenly her group's part came on. She heard the music and weakly sat up and said, "Mom! They're doing the cow part! I feel better! I have to go be a cow!" She was so obviously sick and wanted so badly to go and be part of all the fun, it was HEARTBREAKING!!! We had to deal with some tears, and promised her that we'd come again next year so that she could be with her group to do the skit. Poor little thing.

But even despite some sickness (fortunately it passed quickly) it was an AWESOME vacation. And I SERIOUSLY can't wait to go again next year!

Hannah Turns 1

So Hannah Turned One! YAY! I'd say she's growing so fast, but this was pretty much 5 months ago, so she's even bigger now, so it feels weird saying that. Although she is growing so fast. There I said it. Did I mention it's early in the morning? What I say in the next few posts I feel I shouldn't be held accountable for. ;o)

Some Serious Catch-up

So I'm going to attempt to blog about this summer, hopefully all within the next hour (since I'm having trouble sleeping). Wish me luck...and for all of you with google reader. I'm sorry for the bombardment of posts.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

27 weeks or 39 weeks, that is the question.

Well, here is a belly picture. I'm pretty sure it's the first one I've posted this year...since I haven't posted much since...well...I found out I was pregnant. ;o) I've grown a little since then. This is me at 27 weeks.And since Bart said that first one wasn't really a belly picture, here's Bart's version of a belly picture. :o) He's probably right. The subject of the first picture is me. The subject of this second one is definitely my belly.

I went to the doctor today. She says my uterus is measuring 39 weeks. That feels about right. In fact, let's compare: For a moment, let's please ignore the white pasty-ness of the previous picture. I need to talk to Bart about checking the settings on our camera before taking a picture. That or invest in a membership to a tanning salon.

There are several things I would like to say about these pictures (other than the fact that the belly size is remarkably similar). First of all, I love the slightly distressed smiles in the first two pictures. It's almost as if the subject is saying, "Yes, I am in labor, can we get this picture over with and get into the hospital so I can get this baby out of me?" Almost...
The last picture smile says, "I'm tired but people keep telling me I need to take belly pictures. Why bother? It's only going to get bigger. In the end, nobody will care what I looked like at 27 weeks. They're only going to want to see what I looked like at the end. It's like climbing half way up the mountain and taking pictures of the scenery. Okay, that's a pretty picture, but I wanted to see the view from the peak."
Finally, in case those pictures don't confirm the fact, being pregnant with twins is considerably different than being pregnant with only one baby. Sigh, at least I only have 11 weeks to worst.
P.S. Since one of my friends reminded me that I haven't posted about the genders yet, we are having two more girls! Woo hoo! I don't have to go out and buy baby clothes...well...I'll have to buy some since apparently the shear quantity we'll be going through will boggle the mind, but at least we have a good start.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

My Daughter is the BEST

So today Addison goes, "Mom, your tummy's little." At the time I was slouching on our couch for a much needed rest. I looked down at the full-term sized lump on my middle and laughed. I said, "Really Addison? My tummy's little?" To which she responded: "Well, it's big and little. Little on the sides and big in the front."

Oh child, you just made my day.