Saturday, October 31, 2009

Curse You Swine Flu!

You've robbed me of taking my daughter trick-or-treating for the first time! Sigh. I was sooooooo looking forward to taking her this year. It's her 4th Halloween, but we've never taken her trick-or-treating before. Oh well. Dad got to take her and we got these cute pictures:

Our cute little ballerina. We didn't know what she was going to be until the last minuet. My mom sent up 4 awesome costumes, and we had narrowed it down to the ballerina and sleeping beauty (which was actually a bride costume, but we told her it was sleeping beauty because she really wanted a sleeping beauty and we were not about to go out and buy a new costume...we may discuss the ethics of this later).

Then we got our first trick-or-treaters. Suddenly she yelled, "DAD! Tell them to wait! I'm going to go put my ballerina on!" and ran to the stairs...then, deciding dad couldn't be relied upon, she decided to run back to the door and tell them to wait in person. I assured her there would be more trick-or-treaters and helped her get her costume on.

Our cute little spider. Really, this costume needed a black under shirt and black tights, but since we were debating whether or not to even put it on her this year (since she obviously was not going out with the flu) we just threw it on and took some pictures. And she is just the happiest little spider ever. Especially for a spider with swine flu. This picture almost makes me like spiders...if only they all looked like this.Ahhh, can the ballerina costume pass for little miss muffet? If this costume still fits Hannah next year, I may have to find a miss muffet for Addison.And me, I was a lady driven crazy by having to wear this stupid swine flu mask for the past week...oh, wait, it's not a costume. (Bart didn't even realize I was wearing it when he took this picture...that's how commonplace it is in our house right now).This is the only Jack-O-Lantern that made it to our front porch. Addison made it last week at her friend Abby's birthday party. Two faces on one pumpkin...I was pretty impressed.

Most years we don't have many trick-or-treaters, but this year we've had a ton. Addison keep jumping up and yelling, "Someone's here! Someone's here!" She's way more excited about trick-or-treaters than Bart is. ;o)

Happy Haloween everybody.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Swine Flu

So I totally have the swine flu. And the doctor says Hannah most likely has it too. Her symptoms haven't been too bad, but apparently that's because I'm still nursing her, so she is getting my antibodies...thank goodness for nursing.

The long and the short of it is: MISERY! I keep thinking, "Oh, maybe I'm getting better," and then I just don't. Yesterday I had almost no fever, then I had a raging one all night last night. Between the fever and complete congestion I SWEAR I got NO sleep last night. Bart stayed home from school to take care of me today. Bless him. So far neither him nor Addison are showing any signs of sickness...let's pray it stays that way.

I would tell you all of my symptoms, but I'm really tired and going to attempt to lay down and get some rest.

(Oh, also, I've gotten a lot of questions about Hannah, she had croup when we went to the emergency room, but she appears to be doing much better. She does have a cough and runny nose now, but that's pretty much it.)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Joy is...

Being able to visit with a brother who just returned from serving a 2 year mission in Africa.

Being able to visit with a sister who will be leaving in a few moths for an 18 month mission in Taiwan.

Getting a thoughtful card from a dear friend reminding you of the wonderful time you had while visiting this summer.

Having family willing to drop everything to rush over and watch your three year old as you rush your four month old who is struggling to breathe to the hospital.

Having worthy priesthood holders in my house and near by to give a blessing at any hour of the night.

Hearing your four month old's struggle for breath lessen as the medicine the doctor gave her kicks in.

Knowing (after the anxious stress of the night has been relieved and the doctors are just keeping you in the emergency room to make sure the medicine continues to work) that your husband's claim that he won't be able to fall asleep on the hospital bed at 3 a.m. is totally bogus.

Laughing with your husband later about the fact that he didn't wake up from that impossible nap until the nurse and you, who are standing on opposite sides of the hospital bed, are well into your conversation.

Having your three year old explain to you that the HA's in the picture she drew are not for the first letters in her sister's name, but rather for Hannah AND Addison.

Watching your three year old attempt to spin around in her ballerina costume while your four month old sleeps soundly in her crib with no signs of struggle for breath.

Sitting on the couch reading to your little ballerina while the napper sleeps peacefully.

Knowing that the Lord is aware of, and understands our struggles and fears.

Realizing, again, just how much the Lord is trusting you when he places one of HIS precious little ones in your care.

Being SOOOOOOOO grateful that the Lord is allowing you to continue to raise the PRECIOUS little ones he has entrusted to your care.

Knowing that as much as you love these little ones, He loves them (and you) even more.

It has been a weekend full of joy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pictures from the Past

So was going through a bunch of old pictures today and I found these ones of my honey:
Ahh, what a cute little Easter bunny...I think...judging by the eggs...I was thinking George Washington for a second, but the eggs definitely say Easter bunny.
Usually I look at little kid pictures and think, "Ahh, so innocent." Not this picture. This boy looks like he's ready for mischief!
Kellen, I apologize for this one, you are the unknowing victim, but I just couldn't resist posting this picture of these cool boys. (In case you couldn't tell, Bart's the one with the white t-shirt).
I don't know why, but I LOVE this final picture of him. This is the kind of guy that, while I was talking to a friend, would walk past and I would start slurring my words because my mind suddenly was completely focused on his gorgeousness (you know what I'm talking about Tabitha). Whew, dead sexy. I'm pretty sure I've seen this guy in a movie somewhere. And I married him!!! Dang I'm lucky!P.S. The haircut was a REALLY good move babe.

Friday, October 16, 2009

This is my grandfather

I love this picture of my grandfather.
It was taken at our wedding reception in California. I feel like it just perfectly reflects who he is. Quiet, dignified, pensive. Whenever I see it I just feel peace. The same peace I feel in his presence.

I've been thinking a lot about this picture lately. Sunday I found out that my cousin (the closest cousin in age I have on my dad's side) died on Saturday leaving behind two young boys and a grieving family. I have been feeling a lot of grief and sorrow. Looking at this picture has given me peace. Random, I know, but it has.

We're in California right now for my brother's homecoming. I was hoping to go hiking in the hills I used to hike in as a teenager. That always made me feel better when I was down. But, much to my sorrow, I realized they are gone. Burnt in the fire that charred the hills of my hometown a few weeks ago. So I have been pulling up this picture and looking at my grandpa. I love him.

Monday, October 05, 2009

There's a Spider IN my clock

You read right, there is a spider INSIDE my clock. Do you see him on the upper right side...the second hand is pretty much pointing to him.

How he got there, I have no idea...and apparently he doesn't know either because he keeps crawling around trying to find a way out...rather unsuccessfully. Here he is again, middle left.
I can't decide if I want him to find his way out or not. I obviously don't want a dead spider curled up at the bottom of my nice clock. (The clock my parents gave us as a wedding gift, so throwing it away is not an option...but believe me, I entertained the idea for a while) But, as long as he's in that clock, he's not secretly slipping into our beds to bite me and my family at night... Did I mention I have an extreme phobia of spiders?
Which is actually part of the reason I am posting these picturesCan somebody PLEASE tell me what kind of spider this is? This is probably the best picture of the top of his body that I have:
And this is a picture of the bottom (he's crawling on the glass).
Is this a poisonous spider? It is isn't it? It's super deadly huh? Red is never a good color for a spider. It's like one of those spiders found in banana trees isn't it! Like a one bite and you're dead kind of spider. Crap, my family is in mortal danger. PLEASE!!! TELL ME WHAT KIND OF SPIDER THIS IS!!!
I'm going back to make sure it's still in the clock.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

My Heart is Full

Can I tell you, I just LOVE general conference. For those of you who aren't LDS, general conference is a series of meetings held twice a year (the first weekend in October and the first weekend in April) where the leaders of our church speak to us. It is so amazing to me to be able to hear so many inspiring talks from prophets and apostles in such a condensed amount of time. Every time I watch, I feel uplifted, edified, and have a renewed commitment to better myself.

Even though these addresses are directed at the members of our church, so many of them can be applied to anyone's life. I remember a talk from a while ago that is still very dear to me entitled Hidden Wedges. President Monson gave it (then he was a member of the first presidency, and not yet the prophet). It was about forgiveness, and letting things go. During the talk I remember feeling so good. I felt like there was nothing in my life that I was holding on to. I felt like I had no bitter or hurt feelings about anything or toward anyone. Then later that very day something happened that made me realize there was a hidden wedge in my life. If I hadn't heard that talk just that day, I don't know that I would have recognized it as a hidden wedge and something I needed to let go. Even today, when I am harboring ill feelings, I think of this talk and the destruction these ill feelings will cause me, and work hard to let them go. I have been so grateful for this council.

This conference seemed especially wonderful to me. I just felt like every talk was directed specifically at me. There were so many things that were answers to prayers and questions I had been having. I'm so grateful for inspiration from the Lord.

For my LDS friends and family that weren't able to see conference, or all of conference. Go back and read the talks that you missed. They were all so wonderful.

For my friends and family of other faiths and beliefs. This may seem like an odd request, but I would love it if you read one of the talks these great men and women gave. There are just so many wonderful things that can be gleaned from their words I think it would be a shame to only allow people of our faith to benefit from their council. You can find the talks here.

Right now you can watch or listen to the talks from the General Relief Society broadcast, which is a broadcast specifically tailored to the women of our church. In about a week you should be able to watch, listen, or read all the talks from the entire conference. I felt that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk from the Sunday Afternoon session was especially powerful. He basically bore his testimony of Christ and the truthfulness of His gospel...a theme he seems to have been building on over the past few conferences. But feel free to browse the titles and read anything that catches your fancy. There truly are so many wonderful things that were said.

I love you all, and hope your weeks is as wonderful as mine has been already!