Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pictures from the Past

So was going through a bunch of old pictures today and I found these ones of my honey:
Ahh, what a cute little Easter bunny...I think...judging by the eggs...I was thinking George Washington for a second, but the eggs definitely say Easter bunny.
Usually I look at little kid pictures and think, "Ahh, so innocent." Not this picture. This boy looks like he's ready for mischief!
Kellen, I apologize for this one, you are the unknowing victim, but I just couldn't resist posting this picture of these cool boys. (In case you couldn't tell, Bart's the one with the white t-shirt).
I don't know why, but I LOVE this final picture of him. This is the kind of guy that, while I was talking to a friend, would walk past and I would start slurring my words because my mind suddenly was completely focused on his gorgeousness (you know what I'm talking about Tabitha). Whew, dead sexy. I'm pretty sure I've seen this guy in a movie somewhere. And I married him!!! Dang I'm lucky!P.S. The haircut was a REALLY good move babe.


janae said...

Okay, I did not realize how much your girls look like Bart until I saw that picture. Holy cow, they are his spitting image!!! That is insane. I love this post, it is just so fun!

Loni said...

I'm with JaNae, your girls look just like Bart when he was a kid! Crazy!

charlesandheatherfrancis said...

I have to admit, when I saw your little George Washington, I thought it was Addison. Its crazy how much she resembles Bart! P.S. the cotton ball bunny ears should probably be left as a memory, not a new tradition!

Chris, Becca, and Mckenna said...

Well I recognized him right off! What funny pictures...sorry big brother, but you have to admit...aren't we glad that the long shelf, bowl cut hair was only a phase!! ;D Rebecca, too bad you didn't have the picture of Bart with the Simpsons "bart-man" t-shirt on...that's a classic. haha