Monday, October 05, 2009

There's a Spider IN my clock

You read right, there is a spider INSIDE my clock. Do you see him on the upper right side...the second hand is pretty much pointing to him.

How he got there, I have no idea...and apparently he doesn't know either because he keeps crawling around trying to find a way out...rather unsuccessfully. Here he is again, middle left.
I can't decide if I want him to find his way out or not. I obviously don't want a dead spider curled up at the bottom of my nice clock. (The clock my parents gave us as a wedding gift, so throwing it away is not an option...but believe me, I entertained the idea for a while) But, as long as he's in that clock, he's not secretly slipping into our beds to bite me and my family at night... Did I mention I have an extreme phobia of spiders?
Which is actually part of the reason I am posting these picturesCan somebody PLEASE tell me what kind of spider this is? This is probably the best picture of the top of his body that I have:
And this is a picture of the bottom (he's crawling on the glass).
Is this a poisonous spider? It is isn't it? It's super deadly huh? Red is never a good color for a spider. It's like one of those spiders found in banana trees isn't it! Like a one bite and you're dead kind of spider. Crap, my family is in mortal danger. PLEASE!!! TELL ME WHAT KIND OF SPIDER THIS IS!!!
I'm going back to make sure it's still in the clock.


Dave's Loni said...

YUCK! I'm glad that thing is in your clock, cause like you said it could be crawling around your house. Keep a close eye on that thing. I hope it dies soon and you can just shake it out of your clock. Good Luck!!!

The Foulgers said...

I wish I knew what kind it was, but I don't!:( That is crazy that it's in your clock! Good luck, keep us posted. I hope he doesn't escape.

janae said...

No clue of the type. But that is DISGUSTING and FRIGHTENING. Ew, ew, ew.

janae said...

No clue of the type. But that is DISGUSTING and FRIGHTENING. Ew, ew, ew.

Ashley said...

EeEeeeeeks!! That IS definitely scary and a bit crazy!! How in the world would it have gotten in there??? But maybe it's not going to be able to get out either which i would rather have!! Cuz if he does die in there then you could probably just take that glass face off and dump him in the garbage!! Or kindly make Bart do it for you!! :) hehehehe (I too have a huge fear of spiders!!) yuck

The Little Fishers said...

Ahh! Make it go away! ... To answer your question, I'm sorry, but I have very little knowledge when it comes to arachnids ... Good luck!

Polly said...

At first glance it looks like a cricket to me, the ones they raise for feeding fish and frogs, etc.