Friday, August 31, 2012


Yesterday, Addison had her first soccer game.  She still doesn't have her uniform, but she had a blast anyway.  Her team was great.  They won, and Addison even kicked a goal!  I don't have a lot of time, but I figured I'd post a few pictures from the game.  :)


IMG_2297 copy

IMG_2250 copy


And what the rest of us were doing.  (Sorry for the size, but I don't have time to change them for now, so you get bigger pictures).  :)
IMG_2271 copy

IMG_2239 copy

IMG_2230 copy

IMG_2222 copy

IMG_2216 copy

IMG_2214 copy

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

Addisn Kindergarten 1

Well, today was a big day.  Addison had her first day of kindergarten.  Last year was a big let down when I realized that Utah makes NO exceptions to their cutoff date of September 1st.  Addison was reading, adding, subtracting, and doing just about everything else I could ever imagine a kindergartner doing, but she had to wait another whole year.  Well, the wait was worth it.  She had a great first day and absolutely LOVES her teacher.

We got some pictures at our house before we left.
Addison Kindergarten 2
I think her going to kindergarten was a lot harder on Hannah than any of the rest of us.  When we finally left the classroom, Hannah started crying and saying, "Addison, Addison!" I cheered her up with a cookie when we got home, but she's sure going to miss having her big sister around all the time.
Addison Kindergarten 3

We got to school early and got some pictures there too.
Addison Kindergarten 5
Addison Kindergarten 6

Addison is SOOOO excited to have Miss Robinson.  Miss Robinson's the one who did Addison's assessment, and ever since then Addison had been asking if she was going to be her teacher.  I was so relieved when I found out she was in her class.  YAY!

Addison Kindergarten 7

Overall it went really well.  The only tears were Hannah's tears, although when the lady at the PTA table told me what the tissues were for I must admit, my eyes did start to sting a little. :)  My baby's going to Kindergarten!

Addison had another big first today.  It was her first soccer practice. We don't have a uniform yet, but when she gets it I'll get another picture!
IMG_2134 copy

Kindergarten and soccer!  My baby's growing up!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Way I View - Summer Life

SummerLife29Well, really, the way I view summer life has been very different than the reality of summer life this year.  But the other day we took a break from packing boxes and spent some time out in the yard playing.

It was a much needed break, but it was also very bittersweet for me.  We will be moving in a few weeks, so we're coming down to our last few days of goofing off in our yard.  I know the move will be great for us, but we just love this home so much.  And considering how much we have to pack and clean, I realized, this may be the last time I get photos of the kids and Bart goofing off in this yard.  I loved it, but it also made me a bit sad.  Change may be for the best some times, but it's always hard.  :)

Anyway, these pictures are really how I view Summer Life...Bart off for the summer playing in the yard on warm summer evenings.  Even if it's not very representative of our summer this year, this is how I want to remember summers in this house.




Lilly was very nervous about the ball being thrown/kicked around.

Dad made sure she got in on the fun though.

Really I think she was just sad that I blocked off her playhouse.  (There are a TON of spiders in it and I decided it was no longer safe to play in until someone (cough cough...Bart) got in there and got rid of them). 
After I took that picture she literally tried to climb in the window.  I wish I had caught a picture of her feet hanging out of the window, but I was too busy keeping her from falling on her head.  Girl loves her playhouse!

After that she decided to sit on the porch and talk on the phone.  I'm pretty sure she was reporting all the shenanigans to grandma.





Bart started this game with the girls where they'd run away from him and he'd kick the ball at them...AS HARD AS HE COULD.  He sure knows how to stress this mama out.  And how to get these girls to giggle and laugh like none other.  (Out of focus, I know, but totally worth it.) :)


Yep, this is exactly how I want to remember summer life in this home.


Check back in a few days for a link to some other lovely posts about summer life.  :)