Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

Addisn Kindergarten 1

Well, today was a big day.  Addison had her first day of kindergarten.  Last year was a big let down when I realized that Utah makes NO exceptions to their cutoff date of September 1st.  Addison was reading, adding, subtracting, and doing just about everything else I could ever imagine a kindergartner doing, but she had to wait another whole year.  Well, the wait was worth it.  She had a great first day and absolutely LOVES her teacher.

We got some pictures at our house before we left.
Addison Kindergarten 2
I think her going to kindergarten was a lot harder on Hannah than any of the rest of us.  When we finally left the classroom, Hannah started crying and saying, "Addison, Addison!" I cheered her up with a cookie when we got home, but she's sure going to miss having her big sister around all the time.
Addison Kindergarten 3

We got to school early and got some pictures there too.
Addison Kindergarten 5
Addison Kindergarten 6

Addison is SOOOO excited to have Miss Robinson.  Miss Robinson's the one who did Addison's assessment, and ever since then Addison had been asking if she was going to be her teacher.  I was so relieved when I found out she was in her class.  YAY!

Addison Kindergarten 7

Overall it went really well.  The only tears were Hannah's tears, although when the lady at the PTA table told me what the tissues were for I must admit, my eyes did start to sting a little. :)  My baby's going to Kindergarten!

Addison had another big first today.  It was her first soccer practice. We don't have a uniform yet, but when she gets it I'll get another picture!
IMG_2134 copy

Kindergarten and soccer!  My baby's growing up!

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