Monday, July 27, 2009

Two Months!

I cannot believe my baby is already two months old! Time seriously just goes by WAY too fast. Here are some pictures I took of her today.YAY! Smiles!
I was so sad this one turned out blurry. It would have been awesome.
This month's Milestones include:
Very good control of her neck. She'll hold it up for long periods of time while I'm burping her...although today she kept head butting me too.
Many social smiles
Conversational Cooing (Bart can get her to do this really can Addison from time to time.)
Lifting her head more than three inches off the ground while on her stomach
Rolling onto her side (it only happened once, so I think it will be a while before she actually rolls)

And whenever I take pictures of Hannah, Addison wants me to take pictures of her too. As I was taking pictures of Hannah, Addison said, "Look mommy, my monkey's hugging me...take a picture." I love my girls!
Oh, and something weird Addison has been doing lately. For a while if I did something she didn't like, or was making her do something she didn't want to do, she would start whining and say, "I want my Daddy." (That's not the weird part). Now, sometimes she'll say, "I want my mommy." I'll be like, "I'm right here." But she just keeps whining, "I want my mommy." At first I thought she wanted me to pick her up, but I've done that and she kept doing it! WEIRD!!!

Pioneer Day

We spent the Pioneer Day this year with my grandparents at Stewart Ranch. It was a total blast. We got to have a barbecue, swim, and visit.In the evening, Amy & Bart went to the demolition derby in Fairview. (They were going to be there late, so I sacrificed and stayed with the kids so we could go home early and get to bed.) But next time, I'm going to be there!!! It sounds like it was awesome.

My Uncle Bubba is in the demolition derby every year, and this year was no exception. One day I am going to actually get a picture of my Uncle Bubba and blog about him. He's freaking awesome. But for now I will satisfy myself in simply saying that I absolutely love him. He is this huge guy that just TOTALLY looks like a Bubba. I always wanted him to live close by when I was a teenager because I thought it would be funny if he was there to greet my dates. They'd be TERRIFIED!!! If I ever had tons of money to just give away I think I'd get him a Harley Davidson just because he'd look so perfect on it. I don't even know if he likes motorcycles. But I can't imagine him not liking them when he would look so perfect on one! But, I digress. Here are some highlights from the derby:

Custom Shirts.My husband and sister bonding in the pictures I asked them to take for me. (P.S., I LOVE that they get along so well. It's awesome having Amy live so close because we both have so much fun with her when she visits.)Here's Uncle Bubba's car.Yikes!I guess that at the end there were only two cars left. My Uncle Bubba and another guy. I guess Bubba is somewhat of a celebrity in Fairview because of the demolition derby. Apparently everyone there knows him. His car caught on fire toward the end, but he was still going. The people sitting behind Amy & Bart were very worried for him, but still cheering him on...I wish I could have been there.
In the end, he took 2nd place. Sigh. I believe he's taken second for a few years in a row now. Oh well, next year I'll go and then he can take first! I love you Bubba!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


So last week we also celebrated Bart's 29th birthday. He is now in his 30th year!!! CRAZY!
I made him a carrot-pineapple cake...his favorite. I am not sure why the pineapple looks wasn't.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Discovery Gateway

The Friday after we got back from our Seattle/Portland trip, Tabitha invited the kids and I to go to Discovery Gateway with them. It was AWESOME!!! Addison absolutely loved it...and even I wanted to go and play with everything!!! If I lived it Salt Lake, we'd totally go AT LEAST once a week!
Addison's favorite part was the grocery store. She would say, "Mom, I have to pack." And would run into the pretend grocery store, grab a basket, get some food, and check out.
It was awesome. And the coolest thing about it was that most of the food was simply empty food/cleaner/whatever boxes. I have decided that a play grocery store is what Addison's getting for her birthday this year. I've already started saving up empty cereal boxes, food cans, toothpaste boxes, shampoo bottles, etc. So if you have any empty food can's/boxes, or anything else that might go in a grocery store lying around, let me know and I'll come and get it from you. Or if you have any tips or suggestions, please let me know.
We also went and played in the water-sprayer things. It was hard pulling her...and me...away from those too. :o)Hannah was a little sweetheart the whole time. She just chilled in the stroller and watched everyone around her.

Seattle & Portland

The day after the wedding, we headed to Seattle via ferry.Then we went to the Seattle Art Museum.
Bart wanted to see the sculpture garden, and assumed it was close to the museum. Wrong. If any of you go to the Seattle Art Museum wanting to see the sculpture garden, know that it is, in fact, 13 blocks away. We only had an umbrella stroller and a baby carrier that was hurting Bart's back, and the cheapest we saw parking anywhere was $8, so we missed the sculpture garden. Oh well. Bart's heading back to Seattle tomorrow for a teaching conference...hopefully he'll get a chance to see it. The rest of the museum was really cool.

After the art Museum, we headed to Portland to visit our friends Kellen & Cecily, and my Uncle Cyril, Aunt Jessica, and their family. Addison LOVED having so many kids around to play with. It was a blast visiting & playing. And I fell in love with the Hydrangeas. Everything was so unbelievably green. I know people say there are only like 2 weeks of sunshine in the year there, but just think of the garden I could have!!! It may be worth the lack of sunshine...maybe.

Oh! AND! While we were there, we went to breakfast at The Arleta Library Bakery * Cafe. Oh, it was sooooo yummy! We saw it a few weeks before our trip on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, and decided we had to try it. I had the Sicilian hash....I was AMAZED to find the recipe on the food network's Maybe one day I'll get brave enough to try and cook it. Bart had biscuits and gravy. It was the most amazing biscuits and gravy I've ever tasted. I couldn't even dream it could be so good. I only wish they had the recipe for that too!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Wedding

So one of Bart's best friends from high school got married. That was our reason for the trip to Seattle & Portland. We thought they were getting married in the city, but found out, when we got there, they were, in fact, getting married on Puget Sound, one of the islands near Seattle. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! Amazing flowers, decorations, food, and people. It was wonderful. My friend Cecily posted some awesome pictures of the reception here.

This, I think was the most ingenious part of the wedding...
A sandbox, slide, and swing in the shade for the kids to play in. It was far enough away that the kids wouldn't disturb the ceremony, but close enough to hear what was going on (thank you microphones). It was pure genius!!!
This is what Hannah did for the entire ceremony, and most of the trip for that matter.
Addison thought she'd to give it a try too.

The groom and groomsmen. There was a dance at the end of the reception, and I think Addison danced her way into everyone's heart. It was very difficult pulling her away when it was time to go. We all had a blast.

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Rappe.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thou Shalt Not Covet

Father forgive me for I have sinned.
But when we went to Bainbridge and stayed at this house...

with this view...And this garden full of not only vegetables, but 90 year old blueberry bushes & raspberries & other berries that I don't know the name of...And these flowers...where my daughter could do this...and this...And these flowers in the barn... I could not help but covet.