Friday, July 17, 2009


On Sunday, July 5th, Bart blessed Hannah in church. She wore the same blessing dress Addison did. My mom bought it when Hannah was blessed for all the granddaughters to be blessed in. It was fun to carry on that tradition.
We had tons of family in town, so it was awesome seeing everyone there. Although these two pictures didn't really turn out, they are my favorite.

I was looking around the back yard and noticed there weren't any women or girls around, so I went in search of them and found them here, in our front room, sitting on the couches visiting. I loved it so much. The coolest thing about it was that it wasn't just one family, or one age group. My family was there, Bart's family was there, even my aunt and cousins were there. Moms were there, daughters were there, and sisters were there. Everyone had different backgrounds, but they were all instant friends. I swear there is something about a group of women getting together and just visiting. It's the greatest thing ever! I love it. It was a wonderful weekend!


Amy Collyer said...

I love all the blog posts this week! Those pictures of the whole family are so cute! i also love th ones of Hannah!

The Foulgers said...

Thanks for the update. It was nice to catch up with your life. How fun that so much family could be here for Hannah's blessing. What a neat tradition to pass the same dress to all the grandaughters. BTW you look fantastic and I LOVE Hannah's legwarmers-too cute!