Monday, July 27, 2009

Pioneer Day

We spent the Pioneer Day this year with my grandparents at Stewart Ranch. It was a total blast. We got to have a barbecue, swim, and visit.In the evening, Amy & Bart went to the demolition derby in Fairview. (They were going to be there late, so I sacrificed and stayed with the kids so we could go home early and get to bed.) But next time, I'm going to be there!!! It sounds like it was awesome.

My Uncle Bubba is in the demolition derby every year, and this year was no exception. One day I am going to actually get a picture of my Uncle Bubba and blog about him. He's freaking awesome. But for now I will satisfy myself in simply saying that I absolutely love him. He is this huge guy that just TOTALLY looks like a Bubba. I always wanted him to live close by when I was a teenager because I thought it would be funny if he was there to greet my dates. They'd be TERRIFIED!!! If I ever had tons of money to just give away I think I'd get him a Harley Davidson just because he'd look so perfect on it. I don't even know if he likes motorcycles. But I can't imagine him not liking them when he would look so perfect on one! But, I digress. Here are some highlights from the derby:

Custom Shirts.My husband and sister bonding in the pictures I asked them to take for me. (P.S., I LOVE that they get along so well. It's awesome having Amy live so close because we both have so much fun with her when she visits.)Here's Uncle Bubba's car.Yikes!I guess that at the end there were only two cars left. My Uncle Bubba and another guy. I guess Bubba is somewhat of a celebrity in Fairview because of the demolition derby. Apparently everyone there knows him. His car caught on fire toward the end, but he was still going. The people sitting behind Amy & Bart were very worried for him, but still cheering him on...I wish I could have been there.
In the end, he took 2nd place. Sigh. I believe he's taken second for a few years in a row now. Oh well, next year I'll go and then he can take first! I love you Bubba!!!


Christa Jeanne said...

Hahaha, oh my. How have I never heard about Uncle Bubba before?! Man, you have the coolest family, Rebecca! Seriously! I just caught my first demolition derby at the OC Fair on Saturday. It was kind of boring at first, but when there were just a few cars left, oh man! You couldn't help but start screaming and cheering! It was an adventure. You definitely have to go root for Uncle Bubba in person next year. :)

Anonymous said...

How cute Hannah and Addison are, it is so fun to read your blog even if I am not good at posting. The demolition durby looks like a blast too!! Next year maybe he will come in first! Glad you had a fun time at grandma and grandpa's
Love, mom

Amy Collyer said...

Yeah, the demolition Derby, and basically everything about Pioneer day was absolutely awesome!