Friday, July 17, 2009

4th of July

Well for the 4th of July, my whole family (except Eric...we love you bro) was here, and part of Bart's family was as well. It was a blast. This is what we did.

Went up Hobble Creek Canyon for a picnic.And a rousing game of frisbee.Addison played whenever she sees people playing frisbee she wants to join in.
Awwww Stacy & Addison.This is what Hannah did for most of the time.That evening we had a barbecue. To say that Bart was excited about this barbecue would be an understatement. We have this "Mastering the Grill" cookbook, and he poured over various hamburger recipes for hours deciding which hamburgers we should grill. He ended up deciding on three: The classic American hamburger, a parmesan bacon burger, and a mushroom burger...wait, Bart was reading over my's not just the mushroom burger, it's the wild mushroom and rosemary burger. Thanks for the correction babe. All of which were delicious. We had tried everything but the mushroom burger before. It was awesome, but the parmesan bacon burger is still our favorite.We also got a family picture in our red white and blue. God Bless America! :o)I absolutely love these two pictures of Bart's sister's. They just look so...I can't think of a word to describe it...enchanting? I think that works.Aunt Lisa and Hannah waiting for fireworks...and there's that little hand in the air again.Addison with sparklers...she wasn't quite sure about them in this picture, but by the end of the night she was a fan.This is pretty much what all the fireworks looked like. We still had a blast lighting them off though.


Tabitha said...

Looks like a fun day. Next year, put your fountain fireworks on the top of a ladder. It makes them last longer because they have further to fall.

Jones said...

I love all the pictures! (Especially the family one. I'm partial to those)

Rocky would LOVE to have an actual grill, one day I guess. and those burgers, oh my gosh, YUM!