Thursday, July 16, 2009

Art Friends

Sigh, I have so much to post about it isn't even funny. My goal is to get to it all before we leave for California the first of August. We'll see if it happens.

So now, instead of blogging about what has happened in the past month at our house, I am going to blog about some friends. Bart & I TOTALLY lucked out when it comes to friends. Especially artistic friends. Sometimes I am just awed by the talent of the people around us. You'd think it only natural that we have lots of artistic friends since Bart is an art teacher, but the two I am going to talk about today we didn't meet through his art studies or teaching. One I grew up with, and one we became friends with because they lived the floor below us in college.

First of all, Rocky Jones. Rocky is from my home town. When I was in high school I was better friends with his brother, Chanson, than him, but after his mission when he came back up to BYU, we became better friends. Rocky totally scored when he married his beautiful wife Jessica, and I LOVE reading their blog. Rocky is sooooooooooo talented. He got a BFA at BYU, and his final show was a series of water colors of the Wasatch Mountains. They were amazing. I also remember this AWESOME self portrait he did in high school that I would always stop by and admire in the hall where it was on display.

Next, Sam Ricks. As I mentioned above, Bart & I met Sam & Janae at Wyview when we had been married a little over a year. Janae and I are very much the analytical, everything in order type, and Bart & Sam are very much the artistic type, so we always have a blast when we're together. Sam is also sooooooooooo talented. And he produces a TON! You mark my words, you're going to be seeing his work in children's story books one day.

The coolest thing about these two friends...okay, well one of the coolest that they both have blogs!!! It's SOOOOO awesome! Both of them live far away (well Sam & Janae just moved back to Utah, but they're still a ways away) but I can see their work regularly. I HIGHLY recommend checking their stuff out.

Rocky's work can be found here.

And Sam's can be found here.

One of my goals in life is to one day commission these guys to do some artworks for our house. I don't care what it is, I just want Rocky Jones and Sam Ricks originals.


Jones said...

awww, you're so awesome! And Sam is really talented too! Now I wanna see Bart's Art!!

I saw there's a post below about Hannah, I gotta go look at that cutie now!!!

janae said...

Woa, that was unexpected! I was just reading through your blog - the blessing, the 4th, etc. And then I got to this post. And honestly, I didn't quite catch that it was us you were talking about us until half way through. Ha, ha! I love that we have such a randomly-the-same couples combination. We love you guys!

Sam said...

Thanks so much! That was awesome of you. And yes, you can have a Sam Ricks original some time. :)