Saturday, July 25, 2009

Discovery Gateway

The Friday after we got back from our Seattle/Portland trip, Tabitha invited the kids and I to go to Discovery Gateway with them. It was AWESOME!!! Addison absolutely loved it...and even I wanted to go and play with everything!!! If I lived it Salt Lake, we'd totally go AT LEAST once a week!
Addison's favorite part was the grocery store. She would say, "Mom, I have to pack." And would run into the pretend grocery store, grab a basket, get some food, and check out.
It was awesome. And the coolest thing about it was that most of the food was simply empty food/cleaner/whatever boxes. I have decided that a play grocery store is what Addison's getting for her birthday this year. I've already started saving up empty cereal boxes, food cans, toothpaste boxes, shampoo bottles, etc. So if you have any empty food can's/boxes, or anything else that might go in a grocery store lying around, let me know and I'll come and get it from you. Or if you have any tips or suggestions, please let me know.
We also went and played in the water-sprayer things. It was hard pulling her...and me...away from those too. :o)Hannah was a little sweetheart the whole time. She just chilled in the stroller and watched everyone around her.

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The Foulgers said...

We took our kids there a few years ago, they had a lot of fun. I think I need to make another trip up to SLC.