Saturday, July 25, 2009

Seattle & Portland

The day after the wedding, we headed to Seattle via ferry.Then we went to the Seattle Art Museum.
Bart wanted to see the sculpture garden, and assumed it was close to the museum. Wrong. If any of you go to the Seattle Art Museum wanting to see the sculpture garden, know that it is, in fact, 13 blocks away. We only had an umbrella stroller and a baby carrier that was hurting Bart's back, and the cheapest we saw parking anywhere was $8, so we missed the sculpture garden. Oh well. Bart's heading back to Seattle tomorrow for a teaching conference...hopefully he'll get a chance to see it. The rest of the museum was really cool.

After the art Museum, we headed to Portland to visit our friends Kellen & Cecily, and my Uncle Cyril, Aunt Jessica, and their family. Addison LOVED having so many kids around to play with. It was a blast visiting & playing. And I fell in love with the Hydrangeas. Everything was so unbelievably green. I know people say there are only like 2 weeks of sunshine in the year there, but just think of the garden I could have!!! It may be worth the lack of sunshine...maybe.

Oh! AND! While we were there, we went to breakfast at The Arleta Library Bakery * Cafe. Oh, it was sooooo yummy! We saw it a few weeks before our trip on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, and decided we had to try it. I had the Sicilian hash....I was AMAZED to find the recipe on the food network's Maybe one day I'll get brave enough to try and cook it. Bart had biscuits and gravy. It was the most amazing biscuits and gravy I've ever tasted. I couldn't even dream it could be so good. I only wish they had the recipe for that too!

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