Friday, July 24, 2009

The Wedding

So one of Bart's best friends from high school got married. That was our reason for the trip to Seattle & Portland. We thought they were getting married in the city, but found out, when we got there, they were, in fact, getting married on Puget Sound, one of the islands near Seattle. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! Amazing flowers, decorations, food, and people. It was wonderful. My friend Cecily posted some awesome pictures of the reception here.

This, I think was the most ingenious part of the wedding...
A sandbox, slide, and swing in the shade for the kids to play in. It was far enough away that the kids wouldn't disturb the ceremony, but close enough to hear what was going on (thank you microphones). It was pure genius!!!
This is what Hannah did for the entire ceremony, and most of the trip for that matter.
Addison thought she'd to give it a try too.

The groom and groomsmen. There was a dance at the end of the reception, and I think Addison danced her way into everyone's heart. It was very difficult pulling her away when it was time to go. We all had a blast.

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Rappe.

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