Sunday, June 24, 2007

Father's day, Teeth, and the Arts Festival

Well, this week was a good one. Bart & Addison both had a good father's day. We have pictures (one of which I've posted) that very clearly show only two top teeth on Father's day. On Thursday, Bart said, "Hey! She has another tooth on top!" Sure enough, now there are three on top. I had no idea she was teething either! No fussing, whining, or waking up in the middle of the night. This is way better than the first four.

I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but Bart has also taught Addison to clap. It's so cute! He'll clap, then she'll clap. I love it!
Earlier this week I was laying down next to her and I was hitting my belly like a drum. Every time I did it, Addison started shaking her hands and opening her mouth really wide...albiet the opening her mouth really wide isn't that unusual...but when I stopped, she'd stop. When I started she'd do it again. It was so funny!This past weekend we also went to the Utah Art's Festival. It was a ton of fun, even if it was hot. I kept pouring water on Addison to try and keep her cool. At the end we went through the mister...she was NOT a big fan of that. She didn't like the water fountains at the gateway either! I was really disappointed! Now what am I going to use as an excuse to play in them?!? Sheesh.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm missing all the fun stuff!

Okay so Addison went from scoot to full on crawl/climb/cruse. She is pulling up on Bart, me, the couch, the pillows, and whatever else she can get her hands on. She also uses her teeth as a third arm. She'll reach up with her hands and pull herself up, then bite onto whatever it is she's trying to climb up, and reach her hands out while she's biting.

She's also doing all sorts of stuff for Bart now that he's home full time for the summer! I'm so jealous! She pulled up to her feet with him, she started clapping with him, and now she & he have this little game. Bart yells, "Ah!" Then she yells back "Ah!" I tried to get her to do it with me, but no! She'll only do it with daddy!

She also started playing peek-a-boo with him. The other day Bart was folding our laundry, and he threw a sheet on her, she pulled it off and laughed. He said it was really cute. At least he took pictures for me. :o)

The other day she was crying. She puckered her lips and put her hand up to her mouth and started...I don't know, kind of flicking her lips with her hands so she was making a funny sound. It was hilarious! She thought our reaction was funny, so now she does it all the time. :o)

Well, I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot, but for now that will be it about her. As for Bart & I, Bart's enjoying being home. He did get another job that he's pretty excited about. He's teaching art at a school for Kids who are going through hard times. It's in the evenings on Mondays and Wednesdays, so he's going to be able to keep the job when he starts school again.

Work is going well for me, but I'm jealous that Bart gets to stay home all day. I feel like I'm missing all the fun stuff! Oh well, c'est la vie.

On Thursday, we got to go to a Real game with Bart's Brother and his wife. It was fun, but a total heart breaker! The refs made a bad call that cost us a goal...and ultimately the game. The coaches were so mad they got red-carded. It was pretty crazy!

Well, that's all for now. TTFN.

Monday, June 04, 2007

5k, Moab, and an agile little Baby

Man! I can't believe it's already June! And the middle of June at that!

In my defense, I started a draft last week, and then we got so busy I never got around to posting it. Right now I'm babysitting at a friend's house, and Addison is happily playing with some blocks, so I am going to post even though I don't have any pictures. First of all, here's my draft from last week.

So Bart, Addison, and I ran a 5k on Saturday...well, Addison more sat in the stroller as I ran, but still, she was part of it. :o) We did relatively well. Bart came in 9th place in his division (although he pointed out that there were like 50 people tied for 9th place). :o) I cam in 5th place! I was pretty proud of myself. I knew they gave little plaques to the first 5 people, so I had a secret goal of coming in at least 5th, but when I got there and saw how many people there were, I changed my secret goal to run the entire time...which I also did. It was a lot of fun. Afterward they had a raffle. I won a self-inflating camping mat, and a big water jug. We all had a lot of fun. We've decided we're going to have to do it every year. :o)

Addison has figured out how to crawl, alternating her hands and feet, and she's learned to sit up on her own! She is quite the handful!

Okay, that's as far as I got on my draft. Now for this week's stuff.

We went to Moab this weekend. It was a ton of fun. We took Amy with us, and we, and Bart's family all went on the river on Saturday while Addison's Great Grandma babysat her. The river was a blast! It was also fun having Amy with us on her Birthday. I was hoping to catch a little sun on my legs, but nope, they're as white as ever. I'm going to have to do some sun bathing before we go to Hawaii.

Addison is starting to pull up on things. She's been climbing on me forever, but yesterday Bart said she grabbed onto his arm and pulled herself into a standing position. Also, if we stand her up on the couch, she'll inch around a bit before she falls.

In the mornings I usually put her down for a nap and then get ready. This morning she was still crying when I was done getting ready which is very unusual. When I went into her bedroom, she had pulled herself up on the side of her crib and was on her knees. I think she was crying because she couldn't figure out how to get back down. I guess it's time to lower the crib.

Well, I will try and post some pictures when I get back home....if I remember. Until then, Au revoir.