Monday, August 29, 2011

Twins Blessing

Another thing we were able to do at Aspen grove was bless the twins. Usually, in our church, babies are blessed much younger, but because the twins were preemies, the doctor didn't want them to even go to church until May, when RSV season was over. We knew that a lot of my family would be in town for our family reunion that wouldn't normally be able to come for the blessing, so we decided to wait a few months more so they could be there too. It was wonderful having so much family there.
Aspen Grove Twins Blessing
Aspen Grove doesn't do baby blessings in their sacrament meetings, but they said we could reserve a little room and do it after sacrament meeting, so we did. It was such a sweet experience having all of our family, and some dear friends there for the blessing.

Aspen Grove know how when you don't blog forever and then you try to catch up and your writing Yeah, that's probably going to be my writing for the next few posts (not to mention the last few) about our summer. I have a lot of catching up to do. I'll try to be brief, but sometimes I have a hard time doing that, so feel free to ignore my writing and look through the bagillion pictures I'm going to post with this one. :)

We went to Aspen Grove again this year, and it was, as always, AWESOME. I do have to admit, it's not quite as liberating as normal when you're a nursing mom. You're still kind of tied down...if not to your babies than to a pump. Yes, they watched the twins, but I still had to pump, which didn't leave me as much time as I'd like...especially for taking pictures. I took a ton at Aspen Follies, which is probably my favorite part of aspen grove, and a few of the family playing badminton, and just goofing around in general. But that was pretty much it. So here are the bagillion pictures:

Aspen Follies:
Aspen Grove Bean Bag Toss

Aspen Grove Earth Ball

Aspen Grove Parachute
Ha ha, Okay, I have to interject some commentary here. That kid with his head sticking out of the parachute is my cousin. He's awesome. And let me tell you, Hannah LOVES him. Every time she played with him she would just laugh and laugh and laugh. It was awesome. And I have to say, I think that was one of the best things about this year...some of my extended family was there with us. My Aunt, Uncle, and their family came, and my grandparents came. We had SUCH a blast hanging out and playing games with them. I wish more could have come. It was seriously just awesome. Alright, back to the pictures.
Aspen Grove Ball Toss

Aspen Grove Caterpillar

Aspen Grove Water Spray

Aspen Grove Plates

Aspen Grove <span class=

Aspen Grove Pallet
And this picture on the right below is Addison and my cousin...when I was younger, if you had told me that I'd have a kid only a few years after my aunt had a kid, I think I would have thought you were crazy, but I'm SOOOOOOOOO glad I did! Addison had soooooo much fun with my cousin, it was great! She cried when we had to leave. The only way I got her to stop was by promising her that she'd see her in a few weeks at my brother's wedding. And...back to the pictures. :)
Aspen Grove Hula Hoops

Aspen Grove Giant Volley Ball

Aspen Grove People
Okay, seriously, after seeing the pictures don't you just wan to drop what you're doing right now and go to Aspen Follies? It's Seriously SOOOOO much fun! Ah, I wish I were there instead of in my messy kitchen choosing to blog in an attempt to avoid cleaning.

We did do other Bubbles:

Aspen Grove Bubbles

And Badminton:

Aspen Grove Badminton

And watching Badminton:

Aspen Grove Twins and <span class=
And Lots more really, but that's all I got pictures of. :) I bet you're relieved...that was a lot of pictures. te he he.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

For the Ladies in the Office

So today Bart came home and told me that some of the ladies at his school have been complaining because I'm not posting pictures of the twins. (Truth be told I thought about that as I was doing my last post).

Well ladies, this one's for you!

This is my Maya:


Let me tell you, this one is easy to please. I swear she just sits there staring at you thinking, "Look at me, look at me, look at me." And when you do, not only does her face light up, but her arms and legs flail. As my dad puts it, she smiles with her whole body.

And because I don't really feel like choosing which one is my favorite, here are a bunch more:
Maya 2
But, lest you think she is all smiles, all the time, she's not. This face frequents our house too.
Maya Frown
Just Kidding. To be honest with you, when I saw that picture, it was like I was seeing the face for the first time. I was like, "What? A picture of Maya looking unhappy?!? I don't believe it!" So I had to post it. Well, that, and it's a good picture of her bulldog cheeks. I love those darn cheeks, I just want to eat them! Num num num.

Now, as smiley as Maya is, that's about how smiley Lilly isn't. Not that she's unhappy. She just quietly observes and critically assesses every situation. Bart and I were acting like total idiots jumping around and making crazy noises and funny faces trying to get her to smile for these pictures:
Lilly 1
And by the way, this is what Maya was doing in the background as we made fools of our selves trying to get Lilly to smile/laugh.

Maya Laughing

Apparently she thought we were funny.

Maybe if we change her onsie she'll smile.

Come on Lilly! Just a little one...
Lilly body

Oh, I think I see something trying to break out of that stoic little face.
Lilly Almost Laughing

Yay! There it is!
Lilly Smile

And now for some of them together:
Maya & Lilly 1

And now some outside.
Maya & Lilly 2

And since it's my blog and I can do pretty much whatever I want with it, here's some more.
Maya & Lilly 3

Well there you go ladies. I hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Amy's Home

So my sister Amy came home from her mission in June. She came home right as my family was taking my sister, Stacy up to college at BYU. So instead of flying into LA, she flew into Salt Lake, so we got to be there at the airport when she flew in!

Isn't she the cutest little sister missionary EVER!!!

Amy Mission <span class=
It's kind of crazy to think about it, but when she left, Hannah was about the same age as the twins are now. Man, a lot can change in 18 months!

Amy Mission <span class=
It's good to have you home Amy. We love you!

Dallin Blessing

The day after the temple and the Zoo, Charles and Heather blessed this little cutie. The newest member of their household, Dallin.

Dallin Blessing