Monday, August 29, 2011

Twins Blessing

Another thing we were able to do at Aspen grove was bless the twins. Usually, in our church, babies are blessed much younger, but because the twins were preemies, the doctor didn't want them to even go to church until May, when RSV season was over. We knew that a lot of my family would be in town for our family reunion that wouldn't normally be able to come for the blessing, so we decided to wait a few months more so they could be there too. It was wonderful having so much family there.
Aspen Grove Twins Blessing
Aspen Grove doesn't do baby blessings in their sacrament meetings, but they said we could reserve a little room and do it after sacrament meeting, so we did. It was such a sweet experience having all of our family, and some dear friends there for the blessing.

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