Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Saddest Thing You'll Ever See

Lilly's Splint

So it happened.  One of our kids broke their arm.  Poor little thing.

But let me tell you, Lilly is like super woman.  She was throwing a HUGE fit when she fell and, at first, we didn't even realize she was hurt. She had already been crying and the crying didn't change when she fell.  So we helped her up and took her to her room for a time out.  (I know, parent of the year award goes to us right?).  A little later, when she had calmed down, she came to the bottom of the stairs and was just sitting there whining and holding her arm to her chest.  It was seriously so sad.

_MG_1250 copy

This was just before dinner, so we decided to watch to see if she used it at all during dinner.  When she didn't we called the doctor.  By then it was after office hours, and they couldn't get us in until 8:00.

_MG_1260 copy

The after hours doctor was prodding and pushing on her wrist to see if anything was broken and she seriously didn't even flinch!!!  He sent us to the hospital for X-rays, and let me tell you, it was REALLY broken!  I am no doctor, but even I could tell it was broken!  I don't know how she wasn't screaming while he was poking at her arm.  Poor little thing!

Isn't her in that little splint the saddest thing you've ever seen!  Maybe it's just because I'm her mom, but every time I saw her in it I just wanted to cry!!!  (Not to mention how stressful it was to have my VERY active two-year-old running around seemingly oblivious to her injury).  Every time she ran into the corner of our couch or slipped on the kitchen tiles, I nearly had a heart attack! 

Much to my relief,  this flimsy little splint has been replaced by a very sturdy, strong, protective, and (hopefully) two-year-old proof cast.  I do realize that casts aren't completely indestructible, but I think it can probably deal with anything Lilly can dish out.  :)  And now my heart only skips one beat as she runs down the hall and falls or when she wrestles around with her sisters on the floor.  I feel like my little Lil is back to her happy, smiley, active self.  And if all goes well, she'll get her bright purple cast off on her Birthday. 

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Addison Turns Seven!

Okay, I am so far behind on blogging.  I feel like I have a million half done posts just waiting for me to get my act together and finish them.  Well, here goes nothing.

I'm over a month late, but Addison is SEVEN now!   This year, her class is doing a "mystery person of the week" each week.  Basically they give the class clues all week about the mystery person, then on Friday they announce who the mystery person is and then his or her mom or dad comes and and spotlights the person.  Addison's teacher is awesome, so she coordinated Addison being the mystery person with her birthday.  So on her birthday I went into Addison's class and shared a little bit about her and read some of her favorite stories. Let me tell you, that class is so well behaved I seriously couldn't believe it.  I sat down to start reading the story and some twenty odd students were quietly sitting with their legs crossed and arms folded, watching me ready to listen to the story.  It was AMAZING!

We just had a little family celebration this year for Addison's birthday.  Some of the highlights were piano lessons from Grandma and a Cosmo Kid's Club membership from Grandpa.

_MG_8933 copy

Untitled-1 copy

_MG_8990 copy

_MG_8991 copy

_MG_8993 copy

We told Addison she could have whatever she wanted for dinner, and she opted out of a home cooked meal and asked to go to California Pizza Kitchen instead.  What can I say, the girl has good taste.  :)
_MG_9014 copy

Untitled-1 copy

_MG_9020 copy

She also wanted a pumpkin pie instead of a  cake this year, but I forgot to take a picture of it.  Happy Birthday Addison, I hope this next year is as great as the last!  Love You!

Humanizing a Non-Human

You may or may not have noticed, I didn't participate in the blog circle last month.  I confess, potty training the twins got the better of me.  That was an adventure.  I promise a post about it sometime soon.

In the mean time, this month's blog circle theme is Humanizing a Non-Human.  (And before I forget, go check out Davina's blog.  She's incredible!!!)

Maybe I should have bowed out another month.  This one was hard for me.  When I heard the theme, the only thing I could think about was the Ikea lamp commercial.  And let me tell you, y'all came very close to seeing a bunch of mopey-lamp pictures.

I ended up going another route though, and came up with this:


I was going for a kind of creepy, monster under the bed/fear theme.  Then I realized that's not really humanizing a non-human.  It's kind of monsterising a non-human.  But fear is a human emotion right?  Does that count?  And it kind of elicits fear...maybe...  Bart says it just looks like Elmo standing in light.  He says it's scarier in black and white.

_MG_0487 copy

What do you think?

I took this one next:
_MG_0502 copy

I don't know, I think it may be more of a social-commentary-on-children's-consumption-of-digital-media picture than a humanizing a non-human picture.

And then I took this one:
_MG_7305 copy
Nailed it.