Thursday, October 29, 2009

Swine Flu

So I totally have the swine flu. And the doctor says Hannah most likely has it too. Her symptoms haven't been too bad, but apparently that's because I'm still nursing her, so she is getting my antibodies...thank goodness for nursing.

The long and the short of it is: MISERY! I keep thinking, "Oh, maybe I'm getting better," and then I just don't. Yesterday I had almost no fever, then I had a raging one all night last night. Between the fever and complete congestion I SWEAR I got NO sleep last night. Bart stayed home from school to take care of me today. Bless him. So far neither him nor Addison are showing any signs of sickness...let's pray it stays that way.

I would tell you all of my symptoms, but I'm really tired and going to attempt to lay down and get some rest.

(Oh, also, I've gotten a lot of questions about Hannah, she had croup when we went to the emergency room, but she appears to be doing much better. She does have a cough and runny nose now, but that's pretty much it.)


Jenna and Daniel said...

Oh man, Rebecca, please take it easy. I am glad you have a great husand that stayed home for you. I hope you get feeling better soon, I hear it is awful. I am sorry there is not much I can do for you. Just know the Young Women are praying for you this week.

Loni said...

Sorry, that just sucks! I hope you start feeling better soon!!!!

janae said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry! Thank goodness about Hannah. Nursing rocks. I'm a big fan. :) I hope you get better soon and that Bart and Addison can skip it!

Ashley said...

Oh no!! I'm soo sorry! I hope you get feeling better soon and that Hannah will be well too! And also that Addy and Bart do get to skip out! But still no fun for you!
I thought that Liz had it, but was glad to find out that it's just a cold.. "rhino virus" (not that that name sounds ANY better!)
Well take it easy and get well FAST!! love ya cous!!

Jones said...

I'm SO SO sorry!! I'll keep your family in our prayers...stay safe and I truly hope you have a speedy recovery!!! lots and LOTS of rest!