Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Moab Open House

Last Friday, when we got to Moab, everyone was setting up for the reception the next day. We got in late, so I had to stay at the house so we could put Addison to bed and Bart went and helped. This is what he found:
Oh McKenna, we admire your ability to fall asleep ANYWHERE!!! You too Sarah... :o)
You really can't blame her though, she was running a 5 mile race in the morning and I think they didn't get out of there until like midnight.
Speaking of the 5 mile race:
Here's a picture of Jacob (in the red shirt behind blue-shirt man) coming to the finish line in an absurdly short amount of time. I remember thinking, that's embarrassingly close to my 5K time. Yes, he did win his age group.
Here's Holly running the white shirt...yes, that is Holly as in the bride who will be having her open house that evening.Bart wasn't as faithful a cameraman as he ought to have been and missed Sarah & Geneava while he was talking to a friend.

Then we had the half-marathoners.

Charles:Sam (yes, as in groom Sam... a five mile I might have been able to do before my open house, but a half marathon? No way!):Addison:Okay, just kidding, Addison didn't run the half least not officially. But the way she was running around the stage behind the band she very well may have covered that distance.

And here are some more pictures of the morning's festivities.

Addison & McKenna dancing.McKenna sliding down the slide with uncle Leonard.Charles holding his adorable new baby, Andy.Addison coloring.The cute bride and groom resting after their races....ah, I'm getting warm and fuzzies all over! :) And now onto the Open House:

Sam decided he wanted a Fiesta theme. Freaking awesome. That meant:

Ridiculous butioneers (Okay so only Bart & Jacob had these, but they were awesome)!Chips, Salsa, Bean dip, Tres Leches Cake, etc.A Pinata:You go Girl! Show that Pinata who's boss!!!Lots of candy for the kiddies.And future cavities from sugar over load.Overall, it was a great time! Way to go Sam for coming up with the fiesta theme!


janae said...

Okay, Bart's family is the FUNNEST FAMILY EVER!!!

The Foulgers said...

Your blog is adorable. I'll enjoy peeking in on you little family!