Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Name Update

Okay, so Bart's "I like it" wasn't as definitive as I would have liked it to be, but the name is one of the top names on our list now. Since I know some of you are dieing to know what it is, I'll share.

The name I like is Hannah Lee Francis. (I'll explain the significance of the Lee in another post sometime...if we choose this name...te he he).

The big contender (the one Bart is still really liking) is Madeline. I also love the name Madeline. In fact, we have some friends who have a daughter named Madeline (yes, I'm talking about you Rocky & Jessica) and I had specifically not reminded Bart that their daughter is a Madeline because Bart gets all weird on me when he finds out that our friends have already named their kids a name we're considering....and I really like Madeline. But, the more he talked about it, the guiltier I felt for not telling him, so I finally told him, AND HE STILL LIKES IT! Yay!

I am still leaning toward Hannah because I really like the middle name Lee and I think I like Hannah Lee better than Madeline Lee. But we shall see.

But, I have decided that we have to choose a name for the baby BEFORE Addison meets her for the first time. (Addison wasn't named until like the day I left the hospital...and the reason we did it that soon was because I didn't want to have to worry about the paperwork from home).

But we can't do that this time because I don't want to confuse Addison. I can just picture it now, "Addison, this is your sister, Baby Francis." And then a few days later when we actually choose a name, "No mom, her name's Baby." Or worse, she could start making up names for everyone because she thinks it's okay to change names. (Admittedly neither of these things are very likely to happen, but just in case, I'd like to have it chosen before the baby gets here, and AT LEAST before Addison meets her).


Anonymous said...

That's funny that Bart gets weird about your other friends having kids with the names you like. Rod does that too. :) Hannah is one of my most favorite names, by-the-way. It is on the top of my girls names list...if we ever have one... Anyway, my best friend from high school is named Abbi and my other best friend from high school has a daughter named Abby. I love that name too, it comes in second to Hanna. Rod is really weird about that one because we know so may people that already have that name. So, that made me laugh when you said that about Bart. :)

Christa Jeanne said...

Oooooh, both good names! I've always loved Madeline, and how fun would that be to have Addy and Maddy (if you were to shorten such pretty names). Hannah is lovely, too. They're both classy, elegant (without being pretentious) names. I like.

janae said...

We love the name Hannah, too! Except I'm not sure if we'll ever use it because it has family history. Sam's littlest sister was supposed to be Hannah, but then Sam and his two brothers insisted that they would call her Hannah Barbara (you know, from those old movies?). So Sam's parents ended up naming his sister Anna instead. Whatever you choose will be cute. You have great tastes in names! :)

Jones said...

well.... I agree whole heartedly that Madeline is one of the BEST names, hee hee. actually I was wondering, do you call Addison, Addy? cause if so it might get confusing having a Madeline cause more than likely she'll get nicknamed maddy. Maddy and Addy. It could work, lol.

I really like Hannah. It's such a beautiful classic name that doesn't get used much anymore.

I think whatever you choose will be great though!

Bart's Rebecca said...

We hardly ever call Addison Addy, although we always planned on calling her Addy. When I scrapbook pictures of her and Bart I'll usually say something like, "Addy Loves her Daddy." or "Addy with Daddy." or something, but other than that we don't really use it.

BUT, even though we don't use it, when I was really wanting to name this baby Abagail, Bart was like, "NO! Then we'd have an Addy and an Abby." I think he just didn't like Abagail because he doesn't seem to have a problem with Maddy & Addy. Silly boy.