Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Other Random December Pictures

Christmas Tree

My mom and dad are now empty nesters, so they thought it would be fun to wait to decorate the tree with the grand kids.  The only problem is, three of their five grand kids are one.  And there were just so many other things to do that the tree never ended up getting decorated.

In all honesty, it was a pre-lit tree and had some cool little frosty branches and berries on it already, so you didn't really notice.  Although I have to admit I found it rather ironic.  My mom usually makes her trees absolutely gorgeous.  In fact, I remember a year in high school when Dad and us kids wanted all our little "made these at school" ornaments and she wanted a fancy tree so we had two Christmas trees...te he he.  This year I was really excited to photograph all her beautiful ornaments.  Of course, the year I'm excited about photographing the fancy tree, we don't have a fancy tree.  Oh well.

There actually was one ornament on the tree this year:
Christmas Ornament

My mom's friend gave it to her for Christmas, so she put it up.  Isn't it AWESOME!  I've got to get me one of these for my tree.  Thanks Gwen!  At least I got to photograph one ornament!

My mom also got some adorable little outfits for all her grand kids.  She wanted a picture of them all together in front of the Christmas tree.  This was the closest we got.

Christmas Grandkids

Anyone have any tips on how to get three one-year-olds to sit still, look at the camera and smile?

At least I was able to get some cute pictures of the kids individually.
Christmas Day 10

The outfits were adorable, but I think the babies preferred these outfits.
Christmas Diapers

And as is every trip to my parents house, this one was filled with games after the kiddies went to bed
Christmas Games

I suppose the good thing about posting this late is that now there's only 11 months left until Christmas.  The countdown is on. :)


janae said...

My parents got a big, beautiful tree when I was in high school (so I still had five younger siblings at home) and banished our old tree to the basement. So my mom had her nice tree upstairs, and we would decorate the old one with all our cherished (read: hideous) ornaments. I think the tradition finally stopped when they became empty nesters and no one was there to do the ugly tree. :)

Jones said...

you know, Rocky and I are planning a big car trip out West to visit family/friends and one of the main things on my list to accomplish is to have a game night at your house! lol, I love playing games with your family!! (by the way are you guys planning a Cali trip in June at all??? it's been so long since we've last seen each other!!)