Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Catching Up - December

Okay, in an attempt to get caught up on my blog I'm going to just post mostly pictures from December.
December Tree Christmas Cookies (I had a lot of fun with these)...thank you Bakerella
 December Christmas Cookies The kids had fun making theirs too December Christmas Cookies 2 Christmas PJs December PJs Our own little Christmas before we left December Christmas Naps at Grandma's House Christmas Nap Snuggling with Grandma's toys...This morning Addison said, "Mom, I just can't get Grandma's house out of my head. She has so many toys!" LOL! Christmas Presents Maya The twins were pretty excited about all the presents. Christmas Presents Christmas Eve. Bart & I were in charge of Christmas Eve dinner (my family has a big Christmas eve dinner instead of a big Christmas dinner). We made prime rib. It was delicious! Christmas Eve 2 Christmas stories (that's the book I made my dad last year for Christmas...and got to him around Valentine's day...It would have been done in time if the twins hadn't come early!  I'm glad we got to use it this year though) and opening Christmas PJ's...Maya apparently would rather crawl on presents than open them.Christmas Eve 1

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