Monday, September 14, 2009

Her Most Impressive Work Yet

Are all parents as obsessed about their kids art work as I am about Addison's? I seriously am absolutely fascinated by it. I think she does some of the coolest stuff. Maybe it's because I'm married to an art teacher. Maybe it's because I have always wanted to be an artists, but lack the talent, so I secretly hope that my children will create work that will one day change the world because I'm pretty sure I never will.

Whatever the reason, I think the picture she brought home from preschool the other day is her most impressive work yet. I apologize in advance for the cheap paper that you can see through, and the crumpledness...I like making up words...Addison has a habit of crumpling or rolling her pictures after she's done with them (and sometimes gets VERY mad at me when I won't let her throw them away). It HORRIFIES ME!!!

Anyway, she brought this home from preschool a few weeks ago. Robyn told me that she drew a picture of me. I thought, "Oh, cute, I look like a pumpkin." And hung it up on my fridge so I could bask in my pumpkin glory.
A few days later Addison noticed the picture hanging on the fridge and said, "Mom, that's the picture I drew of you. I said, "Yes it is, where is my head?" She said, "On the other side." I was a little confused and said, "What?" She said, "You're on the other side." Other side?!? I should have known. Very rarely does my little girl consider a work finished until she had drawn on both sides. I flipped it over and saw this.Wow, much more impressive. I can see my head, two arms, and some things that are probably either ears or hair. I also noticed some "H"s. Addison loves drawing "H"s because, in her words, "H is for Hannah." So I pointed to the letter and said, "And what letter is this?" She responded, "H. I drew 'H's in your tummy because H is for Hannah and Hannah was in your tummy." I just stood there with my mouth open!!! Are two-year-olds supposed to be able to do this type of thing?!? I am seriously so impressed. So now, as much as I loved the pumpkin me, this side of the paper is my favorite. My little girl is so smart!


shay said...

I'm with ya on the little kids' artwork! I love it!!! You should frame them and make a little gallery of her art:) I just posted about Izzie's artwork a few days ago, how funny!

Mark and Aubrey said...

I love it. I think kids are amazingly talented and so smart, especially your little one. Congratulations on Hannah by the way. Having two little girls is so much fun.

The Foulgers said...

That made me laugh that she wants to throw away her artwork. My kids want me to keep ALL their work. I have to sneak stuff into the garbage!:)