Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

When I was growing up my dad got Dodger tickets through his work. I believe the general idea was that they would have them in case they needed to entertain clients. Most of the time, he just took us...although I do have a very distinct memory of my dad taking me, my one-year-old sister, AND a client. (He was a brave man).

That memory also has a lot of my one-year-old sister saying words like dude, totally, rad, and awesome. The client was impressed. That's what happens when there's 11 years between your oldest and youngest. I shouldn't have this problem as there is only four years between my oldest and youngest. :)

Anyway, back to the point of this post. My dad still gets the tickets, and we happened to be there for one of the games, so he took us. Yeah, he's great. And, his seats now are much closer to the field than they were when I was young...dude, it was like, totally rad awesomeness. ;)

Dodger Game Baseball

As you can see in the bottom two pictures of this next group, everyone was very into the game.

Dodger Game Family

Especially Addison

Dodger Game Misc

She wasn't at all more into ice cream, or dancing around or the monkey grandpa got her.

Dodger Game Addison Monkey

Nope, she was 100% into the game. As it should be.

Dodger Game Addison Ice Cream

Thanks for the totally rad, awesome game dad! :)

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janae said...

I was raised a true-blue Dodgers fan, so I'm feeling pretty jealous of you right about now! :)