Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Hannah Turns Two...a little late

So last night I went up to bed thoroughly satisfied with myself. I had actually blogged about Addison's birthday ON her birthday and gotten it all over with. I was so proud of myself for being on top of things (ignoring of course the myriad of summer posts I still plan on doing). Then, I realized that I never blogged about Hannah's birthday. So much for being on top of things.

Well, here are the pictures from Hannah's Birthday...a little late.

Hannah Birthday

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I didn't make a cake for Hannah. The evening of her birthday we headed to Moab and they had made a cake for her there. I was still planning on making a cake for her, but man, things were hard. The babies still weren't really on a sleeping schedule and definitely not sleeping through the night. I was completely exhausted all of the time. A few days slipped by without making the cake, then a week, and all of the sudden a summer. Sigh. Things are better now. I'm only completely exhausted most of the time and the twins actually have a nap schedule. :)

Poor Hannah's been pretty gyped when it comes to birthday cakes. Last year I was pregnant with the twins and SOOOOOOOOOOO utterly and completely tired it was all I could do to stay awake while the girls were awake. And maybe make dinner...if they were lucky. Te he he. So I just slathered some store bought frosting on some cupcakes from a box and let her play with it. Then this year I just let someone else deal with it. Hannah, next year I'm going to make you an awesome cake! I promise!

Although I didn't get around to making my poor second daughter a cake this year, I did manage to take some two year old portraits of her.

Hannah Birthday Shoot

So there you go. My sweet little Hannah at age two. I didn't do a questionnaire with her, and I'm not sure she'd understand half of the questions...although that probably would have made for some entertaining answers. I'll start that next year for her. :)

Hannah, even though I didn't make you a cake, I still love you more than you can comprehend!

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Erika Hill said...

I cannot believe this kid is two! It's one thing for me to say that we've lived here for almost three years, but in our house all that means is that we're fatter. When I see kids that weren't even born when we moved into our house becoming toddlers instead of babies, I can't believe it! They grow up so fast!