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Swimming Lessons

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Addison and Hannah took swimming lessons this summer. The place they took it at guarantees kids over the age of three who take the classes will be water safe at the end of it. In other words, it's a no nonsense class.

And it was really funny seeing my kids' personalities shine through during the lessons. On the first day, as we waited for the kids before us to end their class, Addison watched somewhat nervously. Hannah just kind of sat there calmly taking in the scene. I think both weren't quite sure how to feel. They both love the water, but I think they could sense that this wouldn't be an average playing in the pool sort of thing.

Swimming Lessons Waiting

They both had wonderful teachers. Addison's teacher was actually the little sister of a guy I dated in college. I didn't even recognize her until she told me hi and asked how I was doing! Apparently people change a lot in nine years or so, especially when nine years ago you were in elementary school. :) Both teachers did a great job, and the girls loved them!

Swimming Teachers

If I could use one word to describe Addison at swim lessons, I'd have a hard time choosing between staller and negotiator.

Swimming Addison

This girl seriously had both down to an art. She'd sit or stand at the side of the pool while her teacher would try and get her into the water. She'd ask how many more of...whatever it was that they were doing...they were going to do. If she didn't like the answer, she'd try and negotiate. "How about only two more submarines instead of three, and then we play walking along the pool?"

By the way, "Walking along the Pool." Is a game where she and her teacher get out of the pool and walk hand in hand while the teacher sings, "Walking along, walking along, walking along the pool...oh no, you slip on a wet noodle and fall in." (or some other scenario where she could fall, unaided, into the pool and would need to get to the side without help). Then she'd throw Addison into the pool and Addison would turn and swim back to the wall and climb out.

Honestly, I thought she would HATE doing it, but she LOVED it. She was always trying to talk her teacher into playing it instead of working some other undesirable swimming skill. My Addison the little negotiator/staller.

Addison Swim Lessons

As for Hannah, I know exactly the word I would use to describe her at swimming lessons...and swimming in general. FEARLESS. Which is great...except she really CANNOT swim. The guarantee was only for ages three and up, and she was a very young two. Did that keep her from jumping in and giving it her all? Nope.

These next pictures are TERRIBLE, but they illustrate my point.

Swimmings Lessons Hannah Fearless

Yep, that's her teacher holding her hand on the side of the pool, and her jumping in with NOBODY in the pool to catch her. The idea was that she'd learn to turn toward the side where she came from and grab onto the wall. She never quite perfected this. Her teacher always had to kind of grab her head and guide her to the side, but let me tell you, next year when she takes lessons again, I'm willing to bet she'll be swimming in no time.

Swimming Hannah

But for now, holy cow is she scary around the water! I'll be in the pool with both her and Addison and she'll jump in to me and kick her heart out (whether I'm looking or not). I'll always count to five before grabbing her and pulling her up for air (yes, it doesn't bother her that she's kicking under water without anyone holding on to her) and when I do, she turns around and tries to push off of me to swim back to the step/side. I think she sees her sister do it and doesn't believe/understand that she can't do it yet. My silly, little, fearless Hannah.

As for Addison...Yep, she's water safe. And let me tell you, that is a load off of my mind, especially when we're at grandma's house with that wonderful pool in the back yard.

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