Friday, January 02, 2015

Addison's Baptism Day


Another big thing that happened right after my last blog post was Addison's Baptism day.  Which just happened to be on her 8th birthday.

She woke up that morning to a bike from grandma and grandpa.


_MG_8952 copy

Then it was off to the church to be baptized.

Baptism Day

Our stake has each child's baptism separately, so we were able to do our own program and it was only family, close friends, and a few ward members.  It was so beautifully intimate, and the spirit was so strong, I can't imagine how it could have been more wonderful.

We gave each person there (and some family that wasn't there) note cards to write their testimony or a little note for Addison, and I later compiled them into a little memory book with her baptism pictures (which I posted on my business site here...I decided I wasn't going to worry about blogging that again, if you want to see the pictures you can just check them out there.). 

After the baptism, we had a little dinner get together at our house where we all got to visit.

_MG_8977 copy

That picture reminds me, poor Hannah had a really rough time at the baptism.  When Addison went back into the little room with me to go down into the baptismal font, Hannah suddenly decided that she wanted to be baptized right then and there.  I explained to her that she could be baptized as soon as she was eight, but she wasn't having it.  She cried really hard for quite a while.  It took a lot of soothing to calm her down.  Poor little thing.  Sometimes it's hard being the second child.

After dinner we had cake and sang happy birthday. 

_MG_8985 copy

It was such an eventful day that we almost forgot that earlier that week I had refused to let her open the package from her aunt (who is serving a mission in Korea) until her birthday.

 _MG_8988 copy

 _MG_8991 copy

Fortunately, we remembered before she went to bed and got the stickers and journal just in time for her to write about her big day in it.  She wanted her first entry to be a response to her Aunt's letter to her. 

Addison's Baptism

I'm going to have to talk to her about the proper spelling of my maiden name.  ;)

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