Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bugs, Bleeding Hearts, and More

So today has been a great day! It was cool for most of the day, but still warm enough to enjoy the yard. Addison had a lot of fun looking for bugs and just playing in the yard. We got a bunch of cute pictures...

That is a Lady Bug on Bart's Finger.
Now it's on Addison's Shirt. It was really funny, when we first did this, she was pretty thrilled as she looked down and watched it crawl up her shirt, but then as it got closer to her head...and the area where she couldn't see, she got a bit distressed, and whined for dad to take it off her.Now it's on her arm.In this one she's trying to get the rolly polly on the leaf...she was successful, and then I helped her put it back down into the grass.These are just pictures of my sweet girl playing.I love the hair in this one.
Addison has also become more forceful with me lately. If she calls me and I don't come, she'll come over, grab some part of my clothing (usually a pocket or belt buckle) and drag me to where she wants me to go. Since my comfy legally-blonde-pink PJs (don't pretend like you don't want some) didn't have any belt buckles or pockets, she grabbed my sleeve.

Another thing that made my day great was this:

Yes, that is a bleeding heart. Last year while Stacy was here, we planted it and some lilies in one of our flower beds. the lilies grew great, but I was really bummed when the bleeding heart never poped up...especially since they're supposed to be really easy to grow.

Well this year a weird weed started growing in the flower bed. I wanted to pull it, but Bart kept saying "Wait, let's let it grow a little longer and see what it is." I am so glad he refused to let me pull it because I now have my bleeding heart!!! Every day I would drive into our little development and see a beautiful bush full of the pretty pink blossoms and long for my own bleeding heart. And now I have one! YAY!!!

My heart's next desire is a salvia plant...maybe I'll order some more bleeding hearts and put them all in the flower bed in front of the garden...I think the pink and blue would be beautiful together!

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