Thursday, May 15, 2008


Okay, so we keep some books and a few toys in Addison's crib so that if she wakes up in the morning before Bart & I are ready for her to wake up she has something to do. This has worked out pretty well. For the most part she'll just play and talk to herself for a while before she starts whinning. If she does start whining before we're ready, we usually just let her whine until we're ready for work (it's never for very long.)

Well, she recently has started waking up and yelling, "MaMa! MaMa!" It's never a scared "Mama" or a sad "Mama" It's just a "Hey, I'm awake, Come get me" "Mama." I cannot resist this. I don't know what it is, but every time she yells it, I can't finish putting on my mascara or socks. I have to immediately run to my baby's bed. I'm always greeted with a big smile and arms out for a hug.

The rest of the morning is always much more complicated since I now have to get ready and watch a toddler, and I always ask myself, "Why didn't I jsut let her play in her crib!" But no matter how solidly I resolve to ignore the "Mama" call, as soon as I hear it, my defenses come crumbling down and I am running in to greet my baby.

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