Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hot & Tired

Well, the hot weather has finally come. And our air conditioning has gone. It blows air, but it's not cold.

I've been opening our windows in the morning to let all the cool air in, and then closing them in the afternoon in an attempt to keep the hot air out. It works really well until evening comes. Our upstairs just warms up no matter what I do!

On Monday, Addison was just to hot to sleep. We had all our windows open, but it didn't really start cooling down until 10:30, and to make things worse, there were kids playing outside in the street until 11:00!!! These kids couldn't have been more than 10 years old! Where the heck were their parents! Why were they letting them play outside until 11:00 on a school night! Geez! Addison finally fell asleep at about 11:30, and then woke up about every two hours for the rest of the night! It was miserable!!!

Last night was basically a repeat of Monday. We tried putting her in cooler pajamas, but she rapidly took them well as her diaper...and peed all over her pillow. So it was back to the feety pajamas with a diaper pin in the zipper. Oh well. We're supposed to get our air conditioning fixed today, so hopefully tonight will be better.


the Ricks said...

Just a word to the wise. You may not get this in time, but something I learned from the Europeans (who have no a/c) on my mission. If you can, leave your windows open at night, and then open those that were shut (like first floor ones) first thing in the morning. Put fans in front of them blowing the cold air in. Then, as soon as it warms up even one degree outside (from 70 to 71) shut all the windows. That normally happens around 8am in Spanish Fork. Later in Spring, earlier in summer. For you, I guess it would be when you go to work. Anyway, so you shut all the windows, and also all the blinds (make sure they go diagonally up so that the sun doesn't shine through the slats) and any shades or curtains you might have. It will make your home a hobbit hole, but your house will stay nice and cool. Last year we didn't use our a/c until mid-July. Seriously. We had to wear sweaters in the morning because it got so cold in the house first thing, but it was worth the hundreds we saved!

Jonathan and Tabitha said...

I hope you guys are enjoying the cooler temperatures today.