Wednesday, May 07, 2008

One Proud Mama

So Friday I got to talk to Addison's teachers (Nyla and Robyn) for a while...well, I guess they're not technically teachers since she's not in school yet, but they teach her a ton, so I'll call them her teachers. Addison was asleep at home and Amy had come over, so I ran a few things over to their house and had a little bit of time to chat.
We were talking about how Addison's language is really starting to develop, and they said, "Really Rebecca, she is incredibly smart."

They have this little baby circle time for all the babies before they have circle time for the older kids because the babies usually can't sit through all of the older kid circle time. Not only does she sit through both circle times, but she pretty much leads it. They'll ask, "What song shall we sing next?" and Addison will yell out a song ("Pop!" for "Popcorn popping," etc.) Or she'll do some of the actions to a song that she wants to sing.

I guess that before kids go into kindergarten here, they have to know 5 nursery rhymes. Nyla and Robyn are sure she has them memorized, she just doesn't have the language skills to communicate them all yet. It wouldn't surprise me because whenever I sing a song to her, she'll start doing the actions for the next part of the song before we get to it.

They also said she has a very mothering personality. She loves kind of watching over everyone and making sure everyone is nice.

The other day Nyla and Robyn told me she came running over to them frantically pointing to her friend, Abby, who was getting into some pictures she wasn't supposed to. She was yelling, "Abby! Abby! Abby!" They looked at each other and said, "Oh my gosh! She's tattling!"

Now don't get me wrong, I don't want my baby to be a tattle tale, but the cognitive process she has to go through to tattle is pretty complex. First she has to know that her friend is doing something she's not supposed to. Then she has to think, "How can I get her to stop?" Then she has to come up with the solution, "Tell Nyla and Robyn so they can stop her." I was pretty impressed that she would do that...especially since she gets into things she knows she's not supposed to all the time...I can't wait until she has little brothers and sisters to tattle on her...te he he.

But I really was just beaming! I'm so proud of my little girl! I think she's just the best! And she has the cutest little personality. I swear it just lights up the room. I love her!


the Ricks said...

So cute! Addison is such a sweet (and mature!) little girl. You are so lucky! Kids are amazing. Its too bad no one tells you that when you first get married - I was terrified to have kids! :)

The Jones Family said...

sweet!! Maddy was all mothering like that ...until her brother came along. well it was fine in the beginning, but now she is SO SO bossy and mean! lol.

if he makes a peep in the car she'll say "stop it Thatcher Chance!" I have to constantly remind her that I AM THE MOM. She is the big sister and big sisters job is to keep brother happy....sometimes she does and those are THE most precious moments!! ...hey seeing how they play together is one of the main reasons I wanted a third so soon!

kids are the best ever!