Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pop Pop, McKenna, Shin Guards, and Crayons

Well, it's been a great week. On Monday we got to go see Zeke. He got moved to a new section of the Hospital, so Addison can visit him now. He is looking very good! It was a great visit. Addison was so happy she finally got to see her pop pop.
The next day McKenna and Rebecca stopped by for a little bit on their way up to salt lake. It was fun seeing them. I can't believe how much McKenna's grown! Don't I have the cutest niece ever!
Addison also discovered some unused swim diapers and loves exploring new ways to use them. She loves wearing them as shin guards. Today as we were getting ready to say prayers she found another one and put both legs through one leg hole. She then got up and was walking with little steps. Bart & I were cracking up.
We also got some crayons for Addison a while ago. Today I was sitting on the ground and she grabbed some and started putting them in my hair....where on earth she got that idea I have no idea!
It TOTALLY reminded me of a fireside at the Bishop's house when I was in high school. One of our friends had a fro at the time. He turned to us, grabbed a little pencil, and put it in his hair. It completely disappeared. We all started putting pencils in his hair. I have no idea how many we got in there, but it was amazing! I know Addison didn't get that many in my hair, but it was funny none the less.


Christa Jeanne said...

HAHA, that's hilARious!!! My first thought when I saw the picture of her putting crayons in your hair was "Gee, like mother, like daughter!" Teehee. Too bad no one got a photo of that, but the memory? Priceless. =)

Maylin said...

Those are some great color streaks in your hair! I think Addison really has an eye for hair--and she looks so serious while she's doing it. What a silly girl!