Thursday, April 10, 2008

Socks in my Pocket

So this morning, as I walked to the break room at work, I put my cold hands in the pockets of my sweater to try and warm them, and found two different baby socks in them. It instantly put a smile on my face as pictures of my daughter pulling her socks off, holding them out for me to take with a proud smile on her face ran through my head.

Every time I find a little discovery like this it just warms my heart. It's a little embarrassing to admit, but I find myself not putting things away when I find them so that I can have these happy little mementos throughout the day. Don't get me wrong, if it's in the house, I will put it away, but if it's anywhere where I might see it at, or on my way to or from work..or basically anywhere where I'm not with my daughter, I will leave it.

I love opening the back door of my car to stow my laptop for the ride home, and seeing the ball that she so enthusiastic reaches for whenever she sees it. I love seeing the chapstick in my purse that I have to hide from her because if she sees it, she'll try to eat it. I LOVE having little reminders of all the things I love about my baby. I never would have thought that simple things like these could brighten my day so much! Life is just better with Addison in it...EVERYWHERE! :o)


The Vach Family said...

Isn't it amazing how wonderful being a parent is?! I swear, people don't tell you that. You only hear about how hard it is, and then you have your own and go, "Yeah, its hard, but is also SOOOOO worth it!!"

ps. I love your background - so cute!!

janae said...

lol - Angie must have been logged in on the computer, because I commented and it came up as the Vach family. Ooops. That was me!