Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fixin' The Fence

So yesterday Bart & I basically spent ALL day doing yard work! For those of you who haven't seen our house lately, the lattice on part of our fence was destroyed in one of our many winter storms. Yesterday we finally decided to fix it.
We pretty much had to take the fence apart and then put it back together. About half way through (right as we got done with the "taking the fence apart" part) I was having serious doubts about our ability successfully complete. But it ended up looking pretty good. And we were able to do get it all done while Addison was taking a nap! Now all we have to do is stain it.
In addition, we replaced the weed cover in part of our garden, built a new planter box (the old planter boxes are looking pretty worn), and pulled up the decaying bricking around the water spicket in the garden. We only did one planter box because we want to do them with wood that will last...but wood that will last is quite expensive, so we're going to do part of it this year, and part of it next year.
It was a lot more work than we were anticipating, so as you can see in the picture below, we still have a lot of work to do..including clearing the planter box, putting bark over the new weed cover, and replacing the worn out bricks that were around our spicket. But I'm still proud with what we were able to accomplish. As hard as it is, I love yard work.

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the Ricks said...

Yikes, that is A LOT of work! I hope you don't have the splinters to show for it!