Thursday, April 03, 2008

Day 1

Okay, so technically Day 1 was spent traveling...and after a two hour plane delay we got to our hotel at 2:00 a.m. on Day 2, but since that isn't very exciting, I'm just going to pretend Day 2 is day 1. :o)

So, Bart began Day 2 way before Addison and was so nice sleeping in for a change..poor Bart. But when Addison finally woke up, we headed over to the Conference center to visit Bart at the NAEA student chapter table. Addison charmed everyone we passed. She would wave, smile, and say hi to EVERYONE! I don't think a single person passed us without smiling.

While at the conference center, Addison and I visited the "Badge Enhancement" table. This was basically a table with every crayola product imaginable. You could use them to decorate your Conference badge. I let Addison have at it, and wound up with a beautifully decorated badge. :o)

For lunch Bart & I went to Mulate's right across the street from the conference center. I had a craw fish Poboy, and Bart had an alligator one (yes, alligator, it tastes remarkably like chicken). It was delicious food, but I wish we had gone at night. They have a live band and a dance floor for people to dance on. I bet it's AWESOME!
That night the company that owns Crayola threw a party at Mardi Gras World for everyone attending the conference. It was AWESOME!!! I think it's just the warehouse that they keep all the props that they bring out onto the streets for Mardi Gras. But it was incredible! You walked in and were just surrounded by huge statues of everything from jesters, to Sully from Monster's Inc. At one point they had a parade going around the perimeter of the warehouse. There was a live band, and Addison and Bart had a BLAST dancing!!! Everyone was taking pictures of them.

On our way out we found some masks that the people in the parade had been wearing. We just had to take pictures in them. :o)

It was a great first night!!!

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