Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day Four

On Day Four, Addison and I went to the Oak Alley Plantation. It was a beautiful plantation with 200 year old huge oak trees. The house was actually a lot smaller than I expected it to be. It was still big, and probably amazingly huge for the time. I guess I was imagining something more like Versailles...I don't know that I think about it it was a silly expectation, but for some reason I was.
In retrospect, though, I think this would have been one that I would have not gone to considering it was just me and Addison. It was an hour each way to the plantation, and then it was a tour of the house...I really don't know what I was an 18 month old would sit still as someone in a hoop skirt told you interesting historical facts about a house...especially after an hour car ride!!! It would have been a lot better if someone else could have been there, then we could have taken turns holding her while one of us listened.
Oh well, it was still cool to see. It was nice after the tour letting her run around the property. And she did do very well in the bus ride. Thank goodness!

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The Jones Family said...

hey Rebecca!! ok, so it'll take me a bit to read through your blogs. (thatcher is SUPER fussy today). but I'm so excited Rocky got to talk to you guys and to find out you have a blog!! I also saw a link to Tabitha's. I'm ecstatic!!

Addison is SOOO cute! how old is she now? looks like she's saying quite a bit of words! that's uh when's baby #2? ha ha. don't you hate it when people always ask that! lol

I think I'm crazy for having #3 so quickly. Thatcher was 1 when we conceived!!! Madeline and Thatcher are 2 1/2 yrs apart and that was good. I actually think this will be good (baby #3) down the line when they're all a bit older and close to one another. now it's just HARD! lol. but then again, it's so enjoyable....

I hope you guys are well! I'm just loving scrolling through the pictures. what a happy family!

tell your family I say hi!