Monday, November 02, 2009

I'm going to try it

Jessica, you inspired me. I'm going to try and post about something I'm grateful for every day this month. I've already missed one, but I'll list two things today to make up for yesterday's lack of thankful posts.

First of all, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO grateful for health. I know, an odd thing to be grateful for considering my health this past week, but it's made me realize just how much I appreciate it when I am healthy. And I don't have a terminal sickness. This will go away. I will eventually be healthy, and it will be relatively soon. I am grateful that I have healthy kids and a healthy husband. Bart and Addison so far have not gotten sick, and even Hannah is no longer showing any symptoms. We are able to run, jump, dance, play, hike, and do just about whatever we want, whenever we want to. I am grateful for that.

I'm grateful for modern medicine that has eliminated some of the horrible diseases of the past, especially in our part of the world, and has given us vaccinations to avoid other horrible diseases still out there. And I'm grateful for doctors who can diagnose and treat sicknesses when they do strike.

Number Two. I'm grateful for the sun.
No matter how cold it gets, if the sun is shining, it's a good day.

I love the way it brings out the vivid colors of the world around me, especially this time of year.

I love feeling it's warmth on my face and arms when I am working or playing outside.

I have been couped up inside for over a week now, sleeping as much as possible, and have really missed the sun. Right now it is poring into my kitchen through my windows and glass door, and even though I'm not 100% better, the sun alone is making me feel great!

I love how it heats up a car on a cold afternoon. The air around you is cold, so you expect the inside of the car to be cold, but when you get it, there's a pleasant surprise.

I love how it suddenly lights up the morning as it peeks out over the mountains, and how it turns the sky a brilliant array of colors as it dips below the horizon at night.

I love how, when it rains, in the distance, it lights up the rain leaving streaks running from the clouds to the ground. I love how it creates rainbows after it has rained.

I am grateful for the sun.

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Amy Collyer said...

I am using a strategy called "Thankful Thursday" so watch out for a blog post in a couple days!