Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holidays, Three Year Olds, and My Brother

I am SOOOOOO grateful for holidays. All holidays, really, but especially this Holiday season coming up. I LOVE getting together with family. I love being able to give gifts to others. I love the feeling of good will and love in the air. I love yummy food that comes along with the holidays. I love Christmas lights. I love the symbolism in the decorations. And most importantly, I love that Christmas is a celebration of Christ's birth. I just LOVE the holiday season.

I Also am thankful three-year-olds. I realize that technically, Addison was one of my babies, so she was covered in the Babies post, but since most of that post was about Hannah, I feel like I need a separate post for her too. I love her spontaneous hugs & kisses. I love it when she reaches up to me and says, "Hold Me". I love when she wants to snuggle. I love the pictures she draws. I love how she loves going on walks and to parks. I love how she makes me laugh.

Yesterday Addison & Bart went and got the H1N1 shots. On "Sid the Science Kid" (a show we don't usually watch, but just happened to on this day and I'm grateful) they were talking about vaccinations and the flu shot. They explained that it hurts a little bit for a little while, then you don't get sick for a long time. So, as we were waiting in line I was reminding her about the show and how the shot will probably hurt a little bit for a little while, then she wouldn't get sick for a long time. She did great, and they gave her a pink camo band aid which she really liked.

That night, she wouldn't let me take the band aid off when she was taking a bath. (You pick your battles, and I chose not to pick this one.) As she was playing in the bath water, she drank some of it. This is something she does pretty frequently, and I ALWAYS tell her not to do it or she'll get sick. Once again, I told her, "Addison! Don't drink the bath, it can make you sick." She looked at me like, "Honestly mom, have you already forgotten?!?!" And pointed at her band aid. I totally cracked up! I had to explain that her shot wouldn't keep her from getting that kind of sick, just the kind of sick that mommy had. I love my little girl!

I've already given a shout out to my sisters, now I have to give one to my brother. I'm SOOOOOOOO thankful for him!!! He's a twin (Amy is the other twin in case you couldn't figure it out) and we always joke with my dad that he couldn't get a boy unless he came with a girl. Well, if that's true, I'm dang glad he came with Amy! ;o) He jut got back from his mission to Africa a few months ago, and It's GREAT to have him back! (Which also makes me realize just how much I'm going to miss my sister Amy!) I totally missed all his little quirks and sense of humor. The family isn't complete with out him, and now I feel whole again. ;o) He is absolutely awesome.
And he's such a nerd. (If you know me, you know that's a major compliment). He totally loves computers. In fact, he built the computer I am typing on right now. Yep, he BUILT it! Bart & I needed a new computer because our old one was about to die. We decided to wait for him to get home because we knew he could build us a better one than our little budget could otherwise afford. And we LOVE it! You're awesome bro!

I do realize I'm still a day behind, but I have some serious play time scheduled with my girls, so I probably won't get to it today...until tomorrow, adieu.

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