Monday, November 23, 2009

Say What?

So last night in bed Bart was reading an art education journal for his class. Suddenly he exclaims, "I have NO idea what this article is about." I haughtily think, "Silly boy, doesn't understand a simple art education journal abstract. I have my masters in accounting, I'm sure I can understand it." So I tell him, "Read it to me." Here it is:

"This article explores prosthesis as a metaphor of embodiment in art-based research to challenge the utopian myth of wholeness and normality in art and the human body. Bearing in mind the correspondences between amputated bodies and the cultural dislocations of art, I propose prosthetic epistemology and prosthetic ontology as embodied knowing and being in the world to challenge the disabling, oppressive prosthetics of mass mediation, and to enable the creative and political agency of fragmented, limbless bodies. I discuss the historical origins of "prosthesis," its use as a rhetorical augmentation of language and technological augmentation of amputated bodies, to suggest that the visual language of art disrupts and extends beyond the dialectical closure of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis through the divergent interconnectivity of prosthesis. Within the context of art education, prosthetic pedagogy is characterized as performances of subjectivity that intersect, critique and extend beyond academic, institutional, and corporate assumptions to enable the creation of new and diverse understandings through art practice."

Yeah, I was lost after the first the middle of the first sentence actually. Apparently knowledge in accounting doesn't transfer over to art education.

Is it just us, or is this paragraph rather difficult to decipher? If I had $50, I'd give it to whoever could explain this to me. Since I don't, if you can explain it, you'll have the reward of feeling really smart.

P.S. Janae, what is that website that rates what level of education your blog is? I'm pretty sure mine just went up a few grades.

P.S.S. Bart really wanted this post to just be, "This is the type of stuff my husband reads before he goes to bed..."


chris said...

I'll give it a crack.

Translated this paragraph means:

This paper is proof that I deserve my master's degree. I will show how artists using snippets of art (prosthetic) outside of the typical whole-bodied art challenge society's views of art. I looked up all of my favorite words in a thesaurus so I could sound like my master's (soon to be PhD) in Art Theory could one be validated by my peers who will woefully laud writing like mine. And in conclusion I will give examples of how art performances, paintings and other such things labeled ass art by artists defy the typical definition of art by only being prosthetic pieces of art. Those are viewed as incomplete to people who don't get it. And if you really want to keep reading my writing without pictures -- you need to read more interesting writers.

Five dollars please.

Bart's Rebecca said...

LOL Chris, you're awesome. I'm loving the pictures on yor website by the way. They're awesome.