Sunday, November 08, 2009

Music, Sisters, & In-laws

I think my 1 thankful post every day was a little ambitious. I'm thankful for plenty things, but posting every day...that gets a little hard. So here's for the last three days:
First of all, I'm thankful for good music. On Thursday I was kind of having a downer day. Nothing had happened to make it a downer day, it just was one of those days. Bart knew this because we had talked that day, and he came home and told me he was listening to Weezer and it totally reminded him of me. Then he put on "(If you're wondering if I want you to) I want you to." TOTALLY turned my day around! Thank you Weezer! And thank you Husband who knows exactly what it is that will make my day! I love you.

It's not just Weezer I love. I love any music that makes me want to dance...which is just about any music. I also love Christmas music, church music, music that I can slow dance with Bart to. I love hearing a song that you used to listen to all the time, but haven't heard in a while. It brings back all those memories of the time when you listened to it so much! I LOVE IT! I love good music.

Next, I'm grateful for sisters. It was Lisa's birthday on Friday, so it got me to thinking about our trip to California a few weeks ago when we got to see her (did I mention we went to California for my brother's homecoming? I can't remember...yeah, I mentioned, October was a whirlwind). Our first night in California, all of my sisters & I were in our bedroom just laying/sitting/standing around visiting. AND IT WAS AWESOME!!! I especially enjoyed having Stacy there. I think the last few times we've been down to visit, Stacy's been glued to her cell phone. I don't like sharing my sisters, even if it's with their friends. ;o) Three weeks away from it did her good! I finally felt like I had my sister back!!! And just all of us lounging around laughing and talking. Man! It was awesome!!!
I also was thinking about two Christmases ago when we were getting ready to go to church. We were all in mom's bathroom getting ready (except Lisa I think because she was getting ready in her house...we should have gone and gotten her). It was so fun being in that fancy bathroom, just us girls. We were sharing makeup, hair product, brushes, shoes, sweaters, etc. Stuff only sisters can do. I love my sisters!

Finally, I am grateful for my in-laws. Sometimes I feel like it's so funny calling them in-laws. They don't feel like in-laws. They just feel like family. Bart's grandma feels like my grandma. His aunts, uncles, and cousins feel like my aunts, uncles, and cousins. And it feels like they've been my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandma for my whole life!!! I Love it! I LOVE my mother-in-law, and siblings-in-law. Going there to visit them feels just like going home. We have so much fun. I love it! I have been working with a few of my sister-in-laws (or is it sisters-in-law?) on a project for the past little while, and it's been a blast! It's so fun to be able to work together with them on something. I'm SOOOOOOOOO grateful for such a wonderful extended family! I'm so lucky I married Bart!


Jones said...

I hear ya...I've missed two days of posting too...way too ambitious to do everyday, lol.

cee + kell said... do have a pretty fantastic family. I'm loving your thankful posts...even if they're not every day. It's a great reminder to live in the moment and savor all the good we've got.

Love you guys!