Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Literature and Blogs

Whether it is because the author paints a picture in my mind that evokes the exact emotion she is trying to conjure, or because I have fallen in love with, and want to name my children after, the characters in a book, I LOVE good literature.

I love reading it on my own. I love reading it for classes. I love reading it to my kids. I love reading it with my husband. I love curling up in a blanket in front of a fire on a cold, rainy or snowy day with a good book. I LOVE good literature.

I am SOOOOOOOOO grateful for people out there who have the talent to tell stories.

I'm not kidding about the wanting to name my children after characters in books either. So far Bart has vetoed every attempt I've made: Scarlet, Elizabeth, Cosette, Charlotte, Ophelia, Desdemona, Hermonie. Okay, I haven't actually wanted to name my girls all those names, but some of them I have! Maybe I'll be luckier if we have a boy: Jean, Rhett, Fitzwilliam, Tom. Oh Tom. Good, faithful, loyal, unwavering, strong, true Tom. I may have to go and read that book again.
Anyway, I am grateful for good literature.

And because I'm consistently not-consistent about writing every day, here's #2. I am grateful for blogs. (In case you couldn't tell, these are in no particular order). There are so many friends I would know nothing about if it weren't for blogs. I'm grateful for this easy way to keep updated on their lives.I'm also grateful for the abundance of knowledge and ideas out there on blogs. From food, to crafts, to Photoshop techniques, to young women activity ideas. There is SOOOOOOO much out there! And I love that it's right at the touch of your fingers.
I also love the opportunity to document our lives for our loved ones who live far away...and perhaps some day for my children or grandchildren. I love looking through old family history documents and stories. If blogs existed 50 years ago and my grandparents had made one, I could seriously see myself poring over it's pages for hours. I just love that type of stuff. My children probably won't be as crazy as me, but in case they are, I'm glad this will be out there forever for them to see.


CurlyGirl said...

I fully agree with you on the literature and naming my children after them. All of the names that I've thought I would like to name my kids are based on my favorite characters in books! Except my problem is that most of the names are pretty common, so it will seem like I am naming my children after friends when I am really naming them after great literary characters! :-)

Christine Peterson

Tabitha said...

We had friends in our old ward that named their daughter Cosette. I think it's a cute name for a little girl.

You could always name a future pet after literary characters if Bart still refuses to name children after them. If we ever get a girl cat or dog I want to name her Scout or Scarlet

Jones said...

Scarlet , Cosette & Charlotte are names I've totally thought about using!! I had a friend who named her daughter Scarlet, when she had her son, I so wanted her to name him Rhett...but alas it was not.

I am so excited to read your daily posts!!

Like you, I am thankful for the SUN!! the sun makes a huge difference...I guess that's one thing I love about living in Fl...even amongst such wretched humidity, I do have the warmth of the sun all year round!